We Grindin'
Grindin' is a global network of some of the best like-minded music blogs on the internet including the likes of Discobelle, Palms Out Sounds, Trash Menagerie, Mad Decent, Curb Crawlers, Discodust, Hipster Runnoff, Slutty Fringe and of course yours truly Electric Zoo and many more (Check the links on the right for a full list). Anyway we started clubbing together to generate a decent chart of what everyone is loving this month, so i thought it would be cool to share and show whats hot not only here at Electric Zoo but on the other great blogs across the globe too.

Grindin' Chart - January 2009

01. Jokers Of The Scene - 'Baggy Bottom Boys'
02. Pase Rock - 'Get Money Kids (Nacho Lovers Remix)'
03. DJ Manaia - 'Pull Up'
04. Salem - 'Redlights'
05. Brodinski – 'Oblivion'
06. Machines Don't Care - 'Beat Bang (Mujava Remix)'
07. Lil Wayne ft. Pharell - 'Yes'
08. Apaloosa - 'The Day We Fell In Love (Todd Edwards Remix)'
09. K.I.G - 'Heads Shoulders Knees And Toes'
10. Meleka - 'Go (Crazy Couzins Remix)'
11. DJ Mujava - 'Township Funk (Radioclit Remix)'
12. Radiohead - Nude '(Justin Martin Remix)'
13. Sebastien Tellier - 'Kilometer (Aeroplane Remix)'
14. Vyle - 'Second City (Norrit Remix)'
15. Lily Allen - 'The Fear (The Count Remix)'
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