Dem Slackers Family Reunion

Ive been meaning to put this awesome bootleg up for a while now so apologies for the delay, but the fantastic Dem Slackers have worked their magic on Kid Sister's 'Family Reunion' whipping up a rave-tastic bootleg that reminds me a lot of Herve's remix of 'Licky'. Look out for these guys in 2009 with EPs forthcoming on Wearhouse, Electric Sushi and Pivital but in the meantime just turn this one up loud and enjoy.

Blogger Unknown said...
Dem Slackers RUUULE!
If that's wut they can come up with shit loads below zero just imagine wut will they b doin' next summer!

Blogger Dem Slackers said...
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Blogger Dem Slackers said...
Thanks E!

Blogger RJ said...
he aint lying.. look forward to more stuff in 09 guys!