We Are The Night

Nightshifters is one label to keep a close watch on people! The brand new label project setup by blog associate DJ Donna Summer who already has a very exciting and talented lineup of recruits including AC Slater, Hostage, Rob Threezy, Proper Villains, Rampage, 4AM Jess and of course the man himself DJ Donna Summer. These two tasty nuggets from Rampage and Proper Villains are forthcoming on the Nightshifters 'Back Catalog' that will be available from digital retailers from the 20th, and are a sweet taste of whats to come from this project.

Toronto's up and coming talent in this fidget filled world, Alias has been in touch with a hypnotic bass monster of a track. Open your ears and let 'Work' warp around your brain fresh from the undercover producer.

Next up is a new production duo partnership to be listening out for. No stranger to the blog Trevor Loveys has teamed up with Shab Ruffcut who you may have already heard of from his track out on Jack Union Records last year. Anyway the two have teamed up and Shab has been kind enough to give us all a taste of whats to come and Ive been told to expect alot more in the coming months too

Another very talented upcoming production talent Mom & Dad from California has been in touch with a new track to circulate amongst you fidget fans. Sampling a classic R&B hit this unreleased banger combines smooth R&B with heavy house beats with remarkable results! Also be sure check out Mom & Dad's latest single 'This Is Shit' on Crux Records now and available from Beatport.

Even more Canadian talent right now from Montreal's Techjio who sent over some great new tracks and remixes hes done. First up is an insane remix of Rock Legends Pantera followed by a fresh track from the man himself 'Danza De La Selva' and another remix of fellow Montreal residents BSBTRGDCLUB. As a bonus Techjio has also put together a new mixset highlighting some of the great talent coming out of Montreal including himself NROTB & BSBTRGDCLUB.


Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip -' Look For The Woman (Fake Blood Remix)'
Techjio feat Bsbtrgdclub - 'Vertebrate (Dj Barletta Remix)'
Laidback Luke feat. A-trak - 'Shake it Down'
Bumblebeez - 'Rio (Crookers Remix)'
Teen wolf - Fukt '(BSBTRGDCLUB Remix)'
The Ting Tings - 'Shut Up and Let Me Go (LAZRtag Remix)'
Felix Cartal - 'Skeleton (Techjio Remix)'
The Bloody Beetroots feat. Congorock - 'Rombo'
Pantera - 'Walk (Techjio Remix)'
NORTB - 'Take Me Up'
Foamo - 'Rockerman (Lee Mortimer Remix)'
Wideboys feat Sarah Saville - 'What Your Thinking'
BSBTRGDCLUB - 'Shu bawng (Techjio Remix)'
Shitdisco - '72 virgins (The Bloody Beetroots)'
Techjio - 'Danza de la Selva'
Lil Wayne - 'Lollypop (DJ Barletta Remix)'
Stereo Heroes - 'Moonknight (BSBTRGDCLUB Remix)'
MGMT - 'Electic Feel (Justice Remix)'

Last couple of tracks are from French Fidget producer NickY who has put his own stamp on Lil Wayne's 'A Milli' and Mr Oizo's forthcoming track 'Positif' adding to his remix roster.

Last up then, is a new DJ duo mixtape from Amsterdam's Guerilla Speakerz. Ingredients: Berlin Ghetto, Bailefunky Boobsquad chicks, Tingtingstings, Fresh Crookers stuff, Baltimore ghettofabulous electro girls, French kisses, electronic tamagotchi en Mightyfools Tiger Uppercut. Remember to shake well!


Larry Tee - 'Get Your Grind On (Original Mix)'
Wiley - 'Summertime (Crookers Remix) (Guerilla Speakerz DF First Re-Edit)'
Diplo ft. Santogold - 'Creator Got Up (Gotta Love The Scream Guerilla Speakerz Edit)'
Daniel Haaksman - 'Who's Afraid of Rio (Original Mix)'
Cowgum - 'Drugzzz (Edu K ft. Wannabe A Star Remix)'
Larry Tee - 'My Pussy (Killer on the Dancefloor Remix)'
RadioKillaz - 'Freak (Original Mix)'
Christopher Just - 'Popper (Osawa Mix) (Guerilla Speakerz 20 Fingers Intermezzo)'
The Ting Tings - 'Shut up and Let me Go (Left/Right Remix)'
Dreday - 'Hey Boy (Original Mix)'
Jeugd van Tegenwoordig - 'Dat vind je Leuk He (Bmore backslap Mix)'
Crookers - 'Atomic Baile Boy (Original Mix)'
Count & Sinden ft. Rye Rye- 'Hardcore Girls (Original Mix)'
Mapei - 'Pretty Girls (Krazy Fiesta)'
Freestylers - 'Don't Stop The Rock (Daniel Haaksman Remix)'
Don Rimini - 'Nervous Breakdown (Original Remix)'
MightyFools - 'Unfinished Promo ft. We are Your Friends (Guerilla Speakerz Ruined my Promo-edit)'
The Faint - 'The Geeks Were Right (Boys Noize & D.I.M Remix)'
MGMT - 'Kids (Soulwax Remix)'

Oh and any of you guys in the Leicester area looking for some Fidget fun this Friday check out Mind The Gap who have re-launched @ Superfly, Leicester and roped in Trevor Loveys, Food Soundsystem plus residents Moro & Mattei Saint for the big night. MySpace has more info for you.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
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Blogger -JohnB said...
Went straight for the Pantera remix. Nice work!

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