Fire Pon Dem

Things have seemed a little quiet on the UK front, in terms of the finest fidget productions from the UK mafia of Switch, Sinden & Herve, but things are gonna heat up real soon. We all know about, and are eagerly waiting for the Machines Don't' Care collaboration project thats about to drop, and also Fake Blood's debut EP which should be with us on the 16th on Josh Harvey's label Cheap Thrills. Maybe the best news is that Dubsided has a huge revival planned along with a brand new website with digital sales of all their releases, a first for this highly popular underground label and we can expect more Dubsided releases from Duke Dumont, Jesse Rose, Lee Mortimer, Solid Groove, Nadastrom and Smoke & Mirrors all in the future! In the meantime, here's a couple of Herve's recent remixes for you to sink your teeth into along with a juicy preview of the forthcoming MDC release.

Was sent some stuff over from Konrad of Old Money Crew this week, and was highly impressed, some very catchy beats matched with equally as flash samples. Check out the MySpace for more Konrad beats.

Boy 8-Bit's latest EP has finally been released on Diplo's Mad Decent label, after months of suspense waiting for the 'Suspense Is Killing Me EP'. Backed by another 2 brand new tracks 'Bulbs Burn Out' and 'The Cricket Scores' along with a remix from Drop The Lime. The 'Suspense Is Killing Me EP' by Boy 8-Bit is out now on Mad Decent and available to download now from Beatport go get it.

Head Honcho of Chicago based Potty Mouth Music James Amato has been in touch about the labels latest release and new collaboration. Santiago & Bushido have joined forces with Justin Long to form Cops & Robbers who have just put out their EP 'Keystone Kappers'. Check out the samples below and then head on over to Beatport where you can pick up the full release.

This track has been everywhere the last month or so, such an infectious sample with simple lyrics and a track that has been stuck in everyone's heads. So just to further praise his music and the efforts the great remix talent, here are a few of my favourite remixes of Wiley's 'Wearing My Rolex'.

Lastly here's a quaking bass filled track sent over from Northern Soul Roland Dubbs who's whole life runs according to 4/4 timing. Check out his latest track 'And You Know' and give him a shout at his MySpace.

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Quality recommendations, as always. Thanks!

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great post as ever guys - just noticed your link to us is out of date, it still goes to blogspot address

our new site is



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FYI, you're dearly being missed (last post 6/11 :( )

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thanks for the mp3's

keep up the awesome work.

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big tune... make sure u lot get on to summer time now it on my page