The Count and Sinden's 'Beeper' has finally dropped, and to celebrate its release Domino are giving away the Detboi Remix for free through their MySpace page! The CD single also comes backed with a brand new B-Side 'Stinging Nettle' and theres always more on its way with these guys, Herve has just remixed the new Bumblebeez single 'Rio', and the Machines Don't Care project is almost upon us!! I still don't have too much information about this, except that its a huge collaboration project between some of the greatest producers on the scene right now including Switch, Sinden, Herve, Trevor Loveys, Detboi, Affie Yusuf, Fake Blood, Drop The Lime, Duke Dumont, Toddla T and possibly even more. 'Beeper' by The Count and Sinden is out now on Domino and available Here, 'Rio' by Bumblebeez with Remixes from Herve, Crookers and Etienne De Crecy is out now on Modular and available Here.

Jesse Rose's Made To Play Records have released their new single 'The Deacon' by Idiotproof, a new project between Bristol house heroes Deepgroove and Jamie Anderson. This release comes with heavy remix backup from fellow Made To Play signing Oliver $, and an absolute killer from Duke Dumont. I hope to hear a lot more from The Duke this year with his involvement with Machines Don't Care, and of course his forthcoming EP, 'Dominion Dubs' which is coming soon on Dubsided! 'The Deacon' by Idiotproof is out now on Made To Play Records and available from Juno and Phonica.

Trouble & Bass have just released Boy 8-Bit's latest single 'Fog Bank' along with remixes from Jack Beats and Acid Jacks. But its the original I love the most here a misty bassline cut up with baltimore breaks and savagely stabbing synths! We should be expecting Boy 8-Bit's debut for Diplo's Mad Decent dropping soon which will include his already underground hit 'Suspense Is Killing Me', and new track 'The Cricket Scores'. Download 'Fog Bank' by Boy 8-Bit on Trouble & Bass from Beatport now.

Foamo has also sent out his latest remix work hes completed for London based band Primary 1. The guy has done a great job creating a dancefloor destroyer out of this track check it out now!

René van Munster has got in touch with some new about his latest release the 'Sharp Please EP' on Beautycase Records. René also has another the 'You Like EP' forthcoming on Two Tracker Records, but The 'Sharp Please EP' is out and available in full from Juno or Beatport.

Here's one last one from Dolby Anol, they have recently worked their magic over The Futureheads latest punk nugget 'Crash'.

To finish the post off here's a couple of new mixes that have come my way in the last week.. First up is the new mix from DJ Neoteric with brand new tracks from the likes of Switch, Jokers Of The Scene, Sluttt, Fake Blood and more..

The Mystery Jets - 'Hideaway (Switch Remix)'
The Presets - 'My People (D.I.M Remix)'
SLUTTT - 'Stop Copyin Me (Jokers of the Scene Remix)'
Jokers of the Scene - 'Yall Know the Name (Flosstradamus Remix)'
Goose - 'Bring It On (JFK Remix)'
Voodoo Chilli - 'Turn It Up (Jack It)'
Crookers - 'Knobbers'
South Rakkas Crew - 'Mad Again (Fake Blood Remix)'
The Count and Sinden - 'Beeper (Fake Blood Remix)'
Bart B.More - 'Killin It'
Matt Nordstrom - 'Ritalin'
The Black Ghosts - 'Face (Switch Remix)'
Dub Pistols - 'Open (Trevor Loveys Mix)'
Andy George - 'Big Dipper (Hijack Remix)'
Bulgarian & Spoek - 'Jack It Like a Zombie (Santiago and Bushido Remix)'
Foamo - 'Movin It Over Here'
VNDLSM - 'Low Pro'
Heartsrevolution - 'Switchblade (LA Riots Remix)'
Supreeme - 'Who We Are (Royal Rumble Remix)'
Buy Now - 'Body Crash (JFK Edit)'
Crookers - 'Thunderstruck'

And Second up is a new mix from DJ Preroll originally from Sweden, but now living in, and bringin the fidget scene to Dubai.

In The Club - 'Turn You On (Mowgli Remix)'
Jokers of the Scene - 'Juggle It (William Russell Remix)'
Mark Almaria - 'Freak Em Slow (Panty Dropper Freak A Leek Mix)'
Supreeme - 'Who We Are (Royal Rumble Remix)'
Interactive - 'Dildo (Jaimie Fanatic Battery Mix)'
The Pointer Sisters - 'Send him back (Pilooski edit)'
AKA's - 'This Is The Way We love (Ocelot & Bird Peterson remix)'
Sawtooth Sucka - 'Depressed_Mode'
Plastic Operator - 'Home 0207 (Speaker Junk Remix)'
Zombie Disco Squad - 'Hit me with the horns'
Edu K f. Marina - 'Me Bota Pra Dancar (Crookers remix)'
Joanna Newsom - 'The Book of Right On (Pocketknife's Scowling Owl Remix)'
Ghostface Killah - 'Charlie Brown (Guns N' Bombs Remix)'
Randy Brusseto, JR From Dallas - 'Jazz Ghetto City (Lee Mortimer Remix)'
Roisin Murphy - 'You Know Me Better (Trevor Loveys Remix)'
Hot Chip - 'One Pure Thought (Toddla T Remix)'
Bryan Cox ft Snoopy - 'Get Nasty'
The Ghost Frequency - 'Never Before Have I Seen A Man... (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)'
Santo Gold - 'L.E.S. Artistes (XXXChange remix)'
Chromeo ft. Teki Latex - 'Bonafied Lovin' (Hatchmatik Remix)'
Aaron LaCrate & Debonair Samir ft. Young MC & Masta Ace - 'Know How (Gutter Remix)'
DLake - 'Diffibulator ft. JC & Demetrius (Bird Peterson Remix)'
Justice - 'DVNO (Surkin Remix)'
Moby - 'Alice (Drop The Lime Heavy Bass Remix)'
Nitzer Ebb - 'Payroll (John Q Mix)'
Rails To Russia - 'Turning Into You (Lismore Remix)'
Ramones - 'Blitzkrieg Bop (Tittsworth Rmx)'
Breakbot vs Pnau - 'Baby'
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Love the idiotproof post! I have this on vinyl and would love it on digi!

Can you post the Oliver $ remix please!

Thanks again,

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