Mangled Chart
Top 10 Chart 02/12/07

01. Crookers- 'My Penny' //Southern Fried
02. Thieves Like Us - 'Drugs In My Body (Brabe HYH Remix)' //
03. Armand Van Helden - 'Je T'Aime (Switch Remix)' //Southern Fried
04. Andy George - 'Big Dipper (HiJack Remix)' //Wearhouse
05. Crookers - 'Knobbers' //Southern Fried
06. Remi Nicole - 'Rock N Roll (Lee Mortimer Remix)' //Island
07. Lethal Bizzle - 'Selfridges Girl (Boy 8-Bit Remix)' //V2
08. Brodinski - 'Bad Runner (Crookers Gone Electro Mix)' //Mental Groove
09. Estelle - 'Wait A Minute (Count Of Monte Cristal & Sinden Remix)' //
10. Peter, Bjorn & John - 'Young Folks (Phones Problem Child Mix)' //Wichita
Anonymous Anonymous said...
your fucking charts blow.
not because of the track selection,
simply because you do not post any of the tracks, or links to places to get them. We have all heard the whole "i dont have time shit" but honestly, you get the tracks, probably from artists or other djs because you are a blogger, with the understanding that you are going to share them, and then dont so either step up your blogging game, or stop posting shit like this that just makes you look more elite or gives you bragging rights.

Blogger RJ said...
..sigh.. not everything im sent is ready to be shared yet..
and some poeple like to know whats coming soon from artists, and this is just another way of listing new forthcoming tracks..
so... mr 'anonymous'.. jog on!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

your an idiot. just as ry said some people like to know whats coming up. its not like the songs are never posted up anyway. and if you dont want to wait.. search other sites. i have 4 of those songs already. so to sum up.. shut up

Anonymous Anonymous said...
was it hard to type all that with his dick in your mouth? Last months charts never made it up either, and this is a fucking blog, not a major djs chart so if he has it, its to be shared. That was my whole point, its like getting releases from a record label because i told them i work for a radio station, when i really dont.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Why would he share tracks which wont be released in a while to idiots like you... you should already be thankful for the tracks he posts on the blog so shut up

Blogger RJ said...
this is becoming quite an anonymous war ...
if you dont like the blog i really dont see why you keep coming back??!

let me try and explain myself here..
Ive always posted my charts since the blog started, and its always been the tracks that Im loving and playing at the moment.. Im not trying to brag about anything here.. its just a list!

As for posting the tracks, there are some which I definetly wont post yet for many reasons!
Since ive started writing the blog ive made a lot of great contacts and friends some of them work for labels and some are artists themselves. They all appreciate what I do, and love the support and exposure they get here.. and i continue to do what i can to support them. Getting promos from labels is fine, and it would be ok for me to post the tracks, because thats what they want!! If the tracks have come from artists who have specifically asked me NOT to put on the blog yet, then of course I wont!! Theyre giving me these tracks upfront for my own use, and dont want them leaked yet, and trust me not to do so..
if a track or ep that has plans with a label gets leaked, then it could ruin the deal with the artists.. i mean what label wants to put out an ep that everyone already has?

I know blogs differ alot, not just musically, but in the way they post tracks, and their overall ethics. I value the friends and contacts ive made through electric zoo and finding out that some of my favourite artists really liek the blog and the exposure they get is just awesome for me!

that said a number of artists have promised me exclusives with some of their forthcoming tracks, and want me to do a feature closer to the release dates.. so those of you who are polite and patient can look forward to those.

At the end of the day, I do this out of my own free time, make absolutely no money out of it whatsoever, and so could pack it all in tomorrow if i wanted to!!
Ive always wanted to keep electric zoo pretty much the same format, same styles etc.. and thats probably why I havent got anyone writing the blog with me, so dont expect me to change my habits for anonymous readers.

Blogger RJ said...
ps thanks to everyone who is sticking up for me ;)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
hey man don't worry about it. I have always taken the chart as a kind of teaser of forthcoming releases. And yes, your blog is one of the better kept & most interesting ^^ dont listen to the hater coz they didn't get their mp3.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
that phones track is a killer, too bad i got it on lousy quality and cant be played out. hope it gets released.
do u know anything about it that i dont know ry?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
no problems man your site has given me so many good songs i dont see why i shouldnt stand up for what your doin. i dont want to lose this site so keep doin what your doin

Blogger RJ said...
@P Said..
Yeah this remix is on one of the 12" of 'Young Folks' came out about a month ago with the re-release..

Anonymous Anonymous said...
We should be thankfull that Ry gives us these tips for the future, so we know what to look out for... good job !

Blogger rAziEl said...
fuck the anonymuus your site its excellent man, i love it and i always take a look at the songs you post, keep doin this great job.

Good vibes from Mexico (Y)