Byte Me!

The time has come for my first official gig representing Electric Zoo. BYTE presents: Adventures In The Underground @ Native, Bristol. DJs are Casper C (Fluokids, Blogger's Delight, Adventures In The Beetroot Field), Faggatronix (Dot-alt.com), Ryan Jones (Electric Zoo), Richard Carnage & Puffin Jack (TAPE), and resident Al Dare (BYTE). I know its not till next month but I thought Id give a heads up! Should be a fun night so if you're in the area why not come down.

BYTE presents: Adventures In The Underground
Friday 25th January 2008
@ Native, 15 Small Street, Bristol (Map)
10PM-4AM, Entry £6/£5 NUS.

www.byte.moonfuit.com //myspace.com/byteclub

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hey Ry it's Byte here, sorry we can only get half your rider in time for this, we've got the unicorn covered in cocaine but we can't find a lesbian midget to ride it into your hotel room. Would just a very, very short emotionally confused man in a wig be OK?

Blogger RJ said...
sigh.. that'll have to do.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
To be honest the Unicorn is only a Shetland Pony with an upturned cornetto on it's head, but we have to be professional about this and work with what we've got!

Really looking forward to this one, it's going to be a thriller!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Looking forward to this!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Ry is big in the game! This is going to be greeeeeezy!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
brup brup. cap a cap cap.

I remember tape @ the elbow rooms, or was that club neon? Sure there was another night (also at elbow rooms I think? Still have the flyer somewhere) you guys were involved in. And Byte was once the Ark Bar amirite? May be wrong about Byte, but I certaintly remember you tape guys(and girl). Whatever happened to the crash DJs who were everywhere? About two years too soon.
Anyway, glad you people have gone on to do bigger and better things


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hey Pogo, Al Dare who is a Byte resident used to run Crash! @ The Elbow Rooms with the best DJ in the world also known as Motorboy. Motorboy lives in Berlin now. Club Neon was at Elbow Rooms for a while but before that it was at Arc, along with Tape a little later on. Tape is at Native as well now. I used to be resident at Neon. Those nights were keraaazy for sure! And yes Neon was very much ahead of it's time! First to book Erol, Lazarus, Atomizer...good times!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
This friday!!! Raaaarrrgh!!!