Well Overdue
Detboi is set to have his debut EP released on On The Brink Recordings joining their superstar lineup along with HiJack, Crookers & The Bulgarian. His first record will feature 4 brand new tracks 'Hold Up', 'Just Can't Hold Back', 'Drop The Bass' and 'Gunshot Lean Forward' and hes got in touch with Electric Zoo with this exclusive preview. You may have already heared a few of his fantastic remixes and theres more on the way. Look out for the 'Detboi EP' soon out on On The Brink and available to download from Juno Downloads.

Fidget maestros HiJack also have a new EP released this month the 'Wobble House EP' on new label Jack Union Records. These guys have a huge underground following, a very distinct sound and I always look forward to their rare releases and remixes including a forthcoming remix of Clark Able's new single 'Lemon Head'. Download the 'Wobble House EP' by HiJack from Juno Downloads now.

You may have already read about Brabe & Rene Van Munster on a number of blogs, two young guys from the Netherlands with classical music background. Well together they have a new release lined up under their Bootlickers guise. Out On South Africa's Down South Music the 'Bootlickers EP' this will be released on vinyl and download formats and will feature 2 brand new tracks from the Bootlickers and two tracks produced by the boys individually. Look out for the 'Bootlickers EP' out soon on Down South Music.

Looks like Crookers have some competition on their home soil as there are more fidget house beats coming out of Milan. 3 Is A Crowd are a trio of Italian DJs and producers who impressing all bloggers with there new music. So far they have already remixed tracks by the Chemical Brothers and Sinden & Count Of Monte Cristal which you can hear on their Myspace, and now they have sent some impressive original productions to the Electric Zoo mailbox.

Berlin based Man Recordings have a new record out from Brazil's Baile Funk Don Edu K. The 4 track EP comes equipped with star studded remixes from Crookers, Scottie B, and Chernobyl. Man Recordings have temporarily gone a bit commercial with this release, as the title track has been released to accompany the campaign for the new Sony Ericsson mobile phone, but with remixes from Crookers and Scottie B who can complain? 'Gatas Gatas Gatas' by Edu K is out now on Man Recordings and available to download now from Beatport.

Edu K - 'Gatas Gatas Gatas (Crookers Remix)' //Man Recordings
Link Removed By Request

Crookers, they have also recently remixed the new single for Rodion's 'Electric Soca', and the kind guys at Gomma have also sent me another remix from the package by Berlin/Munich DJ KAOS. This is a much more electro orientated outing compared to Crookers' work. Both equally as impressive remixes are on the released which is gonna be out next month on Gomma.

Any of you who may have wandered onto my Last.Fm profile may have noticed that Im not a complete Fidget House nut, and spent quite a lot of time listening to Indie music, and one artist that has impressed me this year is Jack Penate with his infectious Indie Pop. After numerous live tours and dance-fueled festival appearances his music and performances have captured the hearts of many and led to a few singles and now an album release. His latest single 'Second, Minute, Hour' is backed with a great cover of the classic 'Just Be Dub To Me' by Norman Cook's Beats International, and a crazy baltimore remix by Milkcrate & Gutter Music's Aaron LaCrate & Debonair Samir. Jack Penate's debut album 'Matinee' is out now on XL Recordings and available to buy at all good record shops.

With the lyrics to 'Just Be Dub To Me' stuck in my head recently it was quite a surprise to receive some goodies from Cassette Jam. They have produced a number of fun mash ups including these below and more on their MySpace if you want to check them out.

Another artist impressing bloggers and music addicts across the net is London based producer Mowgli. With a release on Mantra Breaks last year and a number of remixes under his belt this artist has plenty to get excited about. Download 'Just Be/Mowgli Comes To Town' on Mantra Breaks from Juno Download now.

Here's a track from a good pal from across the globe Wongo. From the Australian Gold Coast hes showing a lot of impressive progression with his productions. His MySpace is definitely worth checking out, and so is this mp3 of 'Boheim Jack'.

Not another Salmon Dance remix you may be thinking, but don't this is a great remix from Belian producer/DJ GTronic captures all the groove of the original and adds plenty more blog house stylings minus all the stupid fish.

This track has really grown on me after hitting my mailbox a couple of weeks back, Matthew Savant from Massachusetts, USA clearly has talent and there are plenty more impressive tracks to check out on his Myspace including remixes of Daft Punk and The Faint.

Blogger James John said...

hot post as per.

but is trouser jazz scrambled?

hot blog.

Blogger Nelly said...
crookers rule!!

another quality post

off to buy the crookers remix off beatport now!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
great blog!

Blogger Space Paranoid said...
Thx, great stuff, but why all in 128kbps? =(((

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The matthew savant track is really good I'm surprised I never heard of him before this track reminds me of old speed garage but with a twist sort of like trouble and bass great blog!

Blogger Dj MichaelSavant said...
that 3 is a croud stuff has potential but the mixes are awful, they need to go back to the studio and do some serious mastering.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
WONNGOOOO!! :) yeahhhh boy!

always impressive posts. thanks

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Absolutely love Dub Be Good To Me (Cassette Jam Remix). SOOOO full on. GEtting this shit into my next mix fa sure!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
for anyone that missed it


thanks yall.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
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