Eyes should be on the the Moda Crew in Lincoln right now as the boys arent only putting on some amazing nights with international lineups, but also putting out some cutting edge material. You've already heard about Andy George in one of my last posts, well here's another Moda resident to watch out for, introducing.. Jaymo. As a promoter, producer and DJ hes played across the UK bringing a nefarious brand of club music and playing with world class talent like Switch, Kissy Sell Out and DJ Touche. His latest single 'Tuned In Live' on Rising Trax is an absolute floor stomper, andbacked with an equally as fat Micky Slim Remix. Moda is also going strong with a huge night coming up on November 16th with International special guests Brian Cox from the US and Crookers from Italy of course. Jaymo's new release 'Tuned In Live' is out now backed with a remix from Micky Slim and available to download now from Beatport.

Got my hands on the new Bumblebeez release 'Dr Love' this week as after the original got a huge blogger following Modular decided to put it out backed with some blinding remixes A Trak's Trizzy moniker goes ahead with a fun N funky mix , while Crookers take the track 1 spot with a stinkin dirty workout. 'Dr Love' by Bumblebeez is out now on Modular and available from Juno.

Straight Ouuta Sydney, Destroy Disco are 3 young whippersnapper DJs and Producers new to the game and have sent me some interesting new stuff. I must say this is some impressive stuff for their first few tracks, blow you away basslines mixed with 90s trance sounding synths seem to go down a treat here! Check out their MySpace for more Destroy Disco.

Josh Harvey is making more work for himself yet again, by remixing as yet another act! Following his excellent Dead Soul Brothers longplayer, he has graced Winona's 'Without You' with his Dead Soul touch. Her heavenly vocals only go too well with this monster mash up. Fanatics would be glad to hear that Mr Harvey has yet another Herve Dubsided EP hitting our shelves very soon too... keep your eyes open next month! 'Without You' by Winona is out now on Minds On Fire and available from Phonica.

The fantastic Charlie Fanclub has some new remixes in circulation which he has kindly sent my way, but not only that they are available for anyone clever enough to stumble across his MySpace. His remix of The Japanese Popstars 'Dirty Popstars' is truly hypnotising and his Stardust booty is really something, it would be impossible to make this song better than its original glory, but this version is up there with the best of them! If you want more Charlie Fanclub all you got to do is head on over to his MySpace!

Frisco based hip hop producer Kraddy has impressed me in the past with his funky electro fused hip hop remixes, and theres more glory for Glitch Mob member with a new 'illegal album' out now featuring some impressive remixes of hip hop greats like Kanye West, Dre, Lupe Fiasco to name a few. For mixsets from the man and even remix packs for a chance for you budding producers to remix the remix, check out his website. 'The Illegal Album' by Kraddy is out now and available from his website.

Sticking with the hip hop for now heres another fresh mash up from Estaw featuring Kanye West, Nas and KRS One. Check out these seriously funky beats with ferocious flowing lyrics.. nice!

Since their recognised career began in 1999 Hybrid have developed themselves as one of the most loved and successful electronic acts of the past few years. After alot of work as remixers doing work for BT, REM, UNKLE and more, this year sees the tables turned as some of worlds hottest new producers work their magic on some of Hybrid's classic tracks. This brand new double CD pack of exclusives features Serge Santiago, Deadmau5, Tomas Barford aka Tomboy, Boy 8-Bit and Deadset taking their pic of Hybrid classics. Hybrid 'Re_Mixes' is set for release at the end of this month on Distinct'ive.

Lastly heres something special seeing as Halloween is upon us. Billion Dollar DJ's have put together a ghoulish new mix called 'Night of The Disco Dead' a frightningly awesome mix of spooky themed 80s electro and B-Movie sounding new-wave!

Chuckii Booker feat John 'Crypt Keeper' Kassir - 'The Crypt Jam'
Goblin - 'Tenebre (Main Title)'
John Carpenter - 'The End (Disco Version)'
Ministry - 'Everyday Is Halloween'
SSQ - 'Tonight (We'll Make Love Until We Die)'
The Bollock Brothers - 'Horror Movies'
Arch Oboler - 'Drop Dead Interlude'
Mark Ayres - 'Nightmare On Elm Street Theme'
Rockwell - 'Somebody's Watching'
Marketts - 'Out Of Limits'
Hashim - 'Al Naafyish (The Soul)'
Pulsailama - 'Devil Lives In My Husbands Body'
Honeymoon Killers - 'Wait And See'
Flirts - 'Teenage Werewolf'
Metronomy - 'Trick Or Treats'
The Immortals - 'Ultimate Warlord (Remix)'
The J Geils Band - 'Fright Night'
Bush Tetras - 'Too Many Creeps'
Severed Heads - 'Dead Eyes Opened'
France Gall - 'Frankenstein'
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thanks for the fix!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
i fucking love ur blog


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I really love pretty much all the tunes you put up; great selection; esp as there is that much music to sort through in the blogesphere; awesome little clear right ups as well; keep up the good work mate.

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