Top 10 Chart 07/09/07

01. The Chemical Brothers - 'The Salmon Dance (Herve Remix)' //Freestyle Dust
02. Switch - 'Twisted Jazz' //
03. The Ghost Frequency - 'Nightmare (Speaker Junk Remix)' //City Rockers
04. HiJack - 'Trouser Jazz' //
05. Azzido Da Bass - 'So Wrong (Speaker Junk Remix)' //
06. Missy Elliot - 'We Run This (Jaimie Fanatic Remix)' //
07. DJ Fame - 'Anutha Day In Da Ghetto (The Bulgarian Remix)' //
08. Adam Sky VS Mark Stewart - 'We Are All Prostitutes (Crookers Remix)' //Exploited
09. Alloy Mental - 'Alloy Mental (Boys Noize Remix)' //Skint
10. LA Priest - 'Engine (Erol Alkan's Transonic Re-Edit)' //Phantasy Sound
Anonymous Anonymous said...
download link?

can't find any of this anywhere.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I accidentally just drooled over my keyboard.

You probably cant go wrong with these songs. Any info on them? Ep's n stuff?

Blogger Unknown said...
fuckinn' good web here!
i'll add u to my favorites right now!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Funny chart
90% of it's not even released yet.
bragging rights
A imeem chart wouldn't hurt to post along with it

Blogger EZ said...
post is coming soon. i promise...
jsut been pretty busy thats all

Blogger Blaze said...
I agree. Total bragging rights.

This is all such a tease. All stuff i'd love to ever hear a 24kbps preview of let alone own the record :/

Blogger RJ said...
listen... ill get to the MP3s in time..
Posts like this are just what they are: My Charts... just a list of the tracks im enjoying at the moment, and yeah if some are unreleased or promos, it may be a while before its ok for me to post the MP3s.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
it definitely would not hurt to let other bloggers know where you got the tracks from yourself, if you are not at liberty to post them. or else it is exactly as described, bragging rights.

Blogger EZ said...
listen i get stuff sent to me from a lot people, mailing lists, friends, promoters and even the artists themselves... so there.
And even if it is bragging so what?
If you dont like it Im not forcing you to read the blog so jog on...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
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