Apologies once again for being a lazy bastard and not posting anything.. But while Im too lazy, the UK fidget scene is forever flowing, with Josh Harvey not surprisingly being the busiest boy once again. This month finally saw his Voodoo Chilli EP drop on Dubsided including 2 brand new tracks and the much anticipated Mustapha 3000 remix of 'Look What You Done To Be' by the enigmatic Erol Alkan. Under his dirty Count Of Monte Cristal guise he's also teamed up with Sinden yet again to remix the new Aquasky single 'Have A Good Time' with awesome success and a must if you re following their garage revival sound that we saw in their Pharoahe Monch & Mr Hudson remixes as well as their underground anthem 'Beeper'. Also still to come from Mr Harvey is an LP from his Young Lovers project and a double 12" pack from his Dead Soul Brothers projects including a remix from Phones aka the legendary Paul Epworth! Debut Dead Soul single 'Come On Now' is massive and set to be a future anthem and has already been described as "This Year's: 'We Are Your Friends'" head on over to their MySpace right now to listen to what I'm raving on about! I also found this Missy Elliot remix on the net which is tagged as a Dead Soul Brothers remix, I'm not 100% sure that it is, but it sounds good nevertheless. 'Look What You Done To Me' by Voodoo Chilli is available now on Dubsided and @ Juno & Phonica, You can pick up one of the few remaining promo copies of 'Have A Good Time' by Aquasky from their Webstore now!

Straight out of the French Riviera Straaatch has hit me with his innovative French ghetto electro! French electro can be an easy pigeonhole these days what with Justice flying the flag and being so immensely followed by everyone, but don't forget about the Institubes boys and their very different French sound to the Ed Banger crew. And before I ramble on any more, what I'm trying to say is Straaatch has that sort of 'Institubes' sound, bouncy, funky and hard raving, ghetto beats, that I'm sure would go down well if you're a fan of Institubes, Surkin, Para One or Bobmo etc.. Straaatch also organises events in France and even does a Radio Show Electrochoc!

This record is something of a magical discovery for me because I usually find that I'm quite on top of the new releases and sort of know what/when to expect stuff to come out but I must of flew straight past this little beaut. Released way back in June this Atlantic Jaxx diamond is a side project of Felix Buxton & Simon Ratcliffe better known as the Basement Jaxx, which goes off on a more underground tip rather than the vocal-full tracks from their previous 2 LPs, and like many of their other side projects and Banana Kru white labels I'm sure this will gain a huge underground success when people actually know about it! Obviously holding on to their true Jaxx style they've created an awesome EP. But that's what side projects are all about really, doing something a bit different to what you normally do and the 'Nifty EP' sees the boys going deep underground with an amazing EP thats clearly shown a bit of the Batimore and Fidget sounds have rubbed off on the Jaxx! The 'Nifty EP' is out now on Atlantic Jaxx and available to buy from Juno and Phonica.

16 year old Brett Ewels has been catching the ears of many blogs and music lovers alike with a steady production of some really great electro music recording as Night Facilities. At only sixteen his list of remixes and own productions is really impressive and it looks like he's constantly crafting sounds on his PC, remixing every electro anthem that's hit the scene this year including Mr Oizo, Justice, Digitalism and The Go! Team and The Chemical Brothers. Check Out the Night Facilities MySpace for even more fantastic remixes and for all you blog addicts, you may be interested to know that he's also recently started a new blog too, check it out here: Turn That Racket Down.

Chewy Chocolate Cookies. I know I love em, and now there's a new type of Cookie to be looking out for in sound form! With a number of original productions and very impressive remixes under their belt the Cookies are looking too hot to handle with some of their remixes getting Radio 1 airplay and even a bit of label interest in their great remix of Digitalism's 'Pogo'. Anyway have a taste of this deliciousness below, and check out their MySpace for a second helping fatties!

Also in the mail this week is this great 50 Cent remix, and I must admit that I'm much of a 'Fiddy' fan at all, but ESTAW has done a really good job remixing 'I Get Money' upping the tempo, breaking out the beats and throwing in a beastly bassline! Check out ESTAW's MySpace for some more great ghetto cut ups!

Lastly, congratulations to Duncan Geere who won the Electric Zoo Shir Khan Competition. Your prize is on its way to you!
Anonymous Anonymous said...
killer post as ever, love it man

come check out my new CSS remix if you get the chance


Anonymous Anonymous said...
hey hey it's jaycee21

i never see u around and i got some sick sick stuff for u including brand new switch stuff

get back at me

Blogger Unknown said...
sick sick post

Anonymous Anonymous said...
jaxx invented fidget.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
i'm so glad someone else said "jaxx invented fidget." i remember the first time i heard switch. i said, "this guy is like a one-man basement jaxx!"

Anonymous Anonymous said...
yo yo yo!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
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