World famous label City Rockers have been working with new band The Ghost Frequency and their upbeat blends of electro rock. Its a forward thinking, refreshing mix of genres that the label find so tasty, that they've decided to put on a club night Subhumanoid Meltdown to bring together similar DJs and artists. Playing Booty Bass, Ghettotech, Fidget House, Electro and everything in between their first night will be this Thursday the 26th @ Plastic People, Curtain Road, London. For their debut night they've managed to rope in Speaker Junk (Who have also remixed The Ghost Frequency's first single), Zombie Disco Squad, Player Player as well as a live performance from The Ghost Frequency! Subhumanoid Meltdown 26/07/07 @ Plastic People, Curtain Road, London, 10PM-3AM, £5 entry.

The kind people at Outpost Media have just sent me an upfront copy of a brand new mix compilation 'Maximize!' from Berlin based premier DJ/Producer Shir Khan. This is the first release on his label Exploited and is a blog house mash up of epic proportions! If someone asked me for a quick guide to what blog house is all about, then this CD would be a perfect explanation featuring many bloggers favourites with tracks and remixes from SMD, Sirius Mo, Justice, Yuksek, Riot In Belgium, Duke Dumont, Crookers, Herve, Shadowdancer and of course some exclusive remixes and mash ups from Shir Khan himself. The double CD compilation is set for release on the 17th of September, but one of you lucky readers can win a copy by answering the following question:

'Shir Khan shares his name with a character from which famous Rudyard Kipling story?'

Send your answers, along with your name and address to electriczooblog@gmail.com with 'Shir Khan Comp' as the subject. Closing date for entries is the 8th August and a winner will be chosen at random.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
the shirkhan mix cd is tuff

Anonymous Anonymous said...
its shite

Anonymous Anonymous said...
herve remix of nightmare is sick

Anonymous Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Shit shit, I read that email part second.
delete my first comment!

Blogger RJ said...
ye dont give it away! its easy enough as it is.... :P


Blogger Unknown said...
Thank you for the music!!!

DJ Lucio Ka-hara
new set: http://www.zshare.net/download/29396148a947e1

my blog: www.baseeletronica.blogspot.com


Blogger Unknown said...
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Blogger Unknown said...

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