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Those suplexin' DJs GrecoRoman (Joe Hot Chip, Alex !K7 and more!) have set up their own label GrecoRoman Music and this month sees the release of 'Round 1' better known as 'Oi New York, This Is London' by LDN based Gameboy Maestro David E. Sugar. This label has kicked off its business with a superb debut release backed with a tag team of heavyweight Remixes! Skream takes the original on a spooky electro dub trip, Jesse Rose tackles it with a Garage Dub, and Hot Chip team up with Ragga Twins producing a blazing Ragga inspired electro bash-up! 'Oi New York, This Is London' by David E. Sugar is out now on GrecoRoman Music and is available to buy now on 12" from Pure Groove.

OK, lets get the latest fidget music out of the way then.. Soon to be released is Mr Hudson & The Library's next single 'Ask The DJ' which has been handed on to Sinden & Count Of Monte Cristal to completely re-invent, and re-invent they did. Transforming a below average pop song into a huge 4/4 garage summer anthem! I'm really liking this sound they are brewing at the moment its a sort of garage revival that started with 'Beeper' and their remix of 'Body Baby'. Busy as ever, Sinden has also remixed the next Chromeo single 'Tenderoni' this time in true fidget fashion with strobing basslines and jumpy vocals, and Herve is also working hard remixing the next Chemical Brothers single 'The Salmon Dance' (Crookers have also been working on this one too!) which sounds absolutely incredible, head on over to his MySpace for a taste right now!. 'Ask The DJ' by Mr Hudson & The Library is out now on Mercury which you can pick up on Juno, but we'll have to wait for the Sinden & Count Of Monte Cristal Remix I'm afraid! 'Tenderoni' by Chromeo is out now on Backyard and available from Juno.

Growing electro and fidget based label On The Brink Recordings have beefed up their catalogue over the last few months with some amazing music! Now boasting artists like Crookers, The Bulgarian & Hi Jack this label is something we should all be keeping an eye on! Their most recent release is from South Africa's 'The Bulgarian' (How weird is that to say?) with his 'Ignition EP', a nice variation of fidget tracks ranging from cheeky laid back grooves like 'It's Brunch' and all out dancefloor smashers like 'Uptown Jack'. Also out now is debut release from promising signing Full Phat with his awesome 'Does Anyone Know? EP' and also some brand new remixes of Full Phat and their debut artists Hi Jack by new signing Detboi. The 'Ignition EP' by The Bulgarian, and 'Does Anyone Know? EP' by Full Phat are out now on On The Brink Recordings and are available to download now from Juno along with many of their other tracks!

Electric Zoo favourite William Russell has got quite an impressive collection of remixes behind him with some amazing work done on tracks by LCD Soundsystem, Lady Sovereign, Timbaland, Lil Mama and Lily Allen to name a few.. I really love this guys sound, its obvious hes got a lot of influences from the sort of urban electro artists like Dave Taylor, Sinden and Diplo but his sound is still very very unique unlike many artists who are so influenced by their heroes of music that their own tunes eventually sound too much like theirs. Here's his latest offering, an awesome remix of 'A Bay Bay' by Hurricane Chris.

Here's another star (avoid the pun) to look out for. Riva Starr has records forthcoming on Dirtybird and Front Room Recordings and has some very impressive tunes to be boasting about. Check out his MySpace for some samples of his great music, and I can't really find much more to say about him from his page except this quote; '…i’m usually a safe guy – but if u touch my knobs you can expect me to crack your skull open…' I think that's a just cause for any Skull Cracking! Riva Starr has records forthcoming on Dirtybird and Front Room, and you can get his remix of Madox's 'Plastic Fantastic on 12", along with a great remix by Jaimie Fanatic from Juno.

Those of you lucky enough to grace the streets of Chicago should check out Smash & Crunch a brand new music event in your area which promises to throw the next best electro parties in the area! Scheduled for a weekly night commencing in August they have confirmed performances from: Aug 1st - Pase Rock, Curtis Vodka, and Flufftronix, Aug 8th - Guns N' Bombs, Aug 15th - Passions, Aug 22nd - Riot in Belgium and more TBC. But before all this the guys behind Smash & Crunch are hosting the Chicago debut for Mr Oizo this Friday the 13th July. Those of you in the know may have tickets already! but those of you who haven't, check out some classic Oizo music to help you make a decision!

MR OIZO CHICAGO DEBUT!, Friday July 13th, Doors 11pm,
Tickets $12 at SmashandCrunch.com, $15 at the door, 18+,

The Metro, 3730 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60613, (773) 935-5248
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The Ragga Twins track is killer!!!!

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