All Crooked Up
Phra of Crookers has got in touch with some awesome new tunes and news of whats in store from the boys. First up is their incredible remix of Dusty Kid's 'The Cat' which is soon to be dropped on Southern Fried Records, and also a bit later we will see their remix of Armand Van Helden's 'We Want your Soul' again released on the same label. Phra was also kind enough to send me this remix of the new single from Diabolico Coupè, and the guys from Riotmaker in Italy have also sent me a couple of tasty promos including this very nice crunk remix of Carnifull Trio again by the busy Crookers Duo! If that's not enough to wet your appetite, expect more Crookers remixes of Doublebeat, Magik Johnson, Brodinski and I'm pleased to say that the boys are also very busy finishing their debut 'Italian' album! Look out for Crookers appearing on forthcoming releases on Southern Fried Records very soon.

On the British side of the fidget world the crafty crew have been busy as usual working on their projects including this neat blazing raving remix from Josh Harvey and Trevor Loveys as Speaker Junk. Sinden has produced a heavy remix of To My Boy's latest single 'Model' which you can find over @ Fluokids. If any of you are fidget fanatic's like myself you should definitely check out the exclusive interviews with Josh Harvey, Jesse Rose and The Bulgarian over @ Disturbed beats. There's some great news about Josh Harvey's upcoming projects which include 3 artist albums! as well as a very interesting and upfront chart from the man himself. Limited promos of 'Mr DJ' by Charlean Dance are out now and available to buy from Juno.

In the last post I mentioned rising talent Riva Starr, well before I knew it his debut has been released on Jesse Rose's Front Room Recordings. This is a very good debut with some hypnotising warped beats that have more bounce to the ounce than Beth Ditto. 'Thizzle' by Riva Starr is out now on Front Room Recordings and available to buy now from Juno and Phonica.

Again mentioned once before in my last post, On The Brink Records have again put out new shit on their digital label. Clark Able from Bologna, Italy has a new EP to be released on the label which includes 3 tracks 'Change It', 'I Wanna' and 'My Last Charter'. Look out for Clark Able's debut release on On The Brink Recordings and available from Juno Download.

Another star who's had his debut release this week is his royal highness, Duke Dumont with his 'Regality EP' on Tiga's Turbo Recordings. This masterful EP features anthemic underground hits 'When I Hear Mu'Sic', 'Lean & Bounce' and also 'Final Level' which is on more of an electric tip along the lines of Shadow Dancer or Simian Mobile Disco. The 'Regality EP' by Duke Dumont is out now on Turbo and available to buy now from Juno and Phonica.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Yo Ryan, always fresh posts!

P´z/ t.k.f


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Thisi track is the shiznit! Buy the record!!!! I did!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
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