This Shit Is Bananas
Pleasure to hear this mighty new New Young Pony Club remix this week and surprise surprise, Josh Harvey is responsible much like a hell of a lot of the other music that I blog about. The production is so tight, as usual with Herve's masterful use of vocals, this is cutting edge with today's grimey/electro sounds, and his records are definitely worth every penny. Herve's other recent remix of the delightful Roisin Murphy is quite a contrast too, with a lot of vocals and a huge breakdown, but don't worry the crazy riffs and ghetto bass lines are definitely still in attendance! New Young Pony Club's 'Ice Cream' with remixes from Herve and The Hooks is out now on Modular and available from Phonica. 'Overpowered' by Roisin Murphy with remixes from Herve, Kris Menace & Loose Cannons is set for release on July 2nd.

NY rapping legend Pharoahe Monch is returning with a new album 'Desire' and what better way to mark this than with its first single 'Body Baby'. This Elvis-inspired track fuses Monch's gifted & provocative lyrics with Vegas/Hip Hop to form an anthem in the making. Deservedly getting to number 2 in my charts this month was the amazing Sinden & Count Of Monte Cristal's stomping house remix, but also on the remix job are Glaswegian treasures Optimo Espacio who create a Psychedelic Vegas trip topped off with them soulful backing vocals that give it a unique 60s cabaret feel! 'Body Baby' by Pharoahe Monch with remixes from Sinden & Count Of Monte Cristal and Optimo (Espacio) is out on Island Records and available on 19th June.

Following the great success of their debut compilation rookie record label I Can Count have released Volume 2. Gathering unknown artists from across the UK and North America they have once again created a highly commendable mix of music that is very cutting edge and on par with the latest music in similar genres from the bigger labels. The CD is a bit of mixed bag of genres featuring tracks that go well on a quiet summers day and those that would be more suited hammered on a dance floor. I guess threre is something for everyone here, especially if you like to discover new bands and artists. I Can Count Volume 2. is out now and available from icancount.co.uk for a mere £4!

I must admit this next track isn't something I discovered by myself. In fact it came recommended to me by none other than James Talk, who sent an email praising the blog and I'm so glad he did. Released by Front Room, a label I'm no stranger to, who have had many fine releases by artists like Jesse Rose, Trevor Loveys and Solid Groove, this record is something to get excited about. I snapped it up immediately after hearing some samples and was very fond of the sound that reminded me of some of Dave Taylor and Trevor Lovey's earlier tracks, and the vocal samples are the icing on the cake, reaching not to far back for Justin Timberlake's 'My Love'. The JT and Timbaland vocal snippets work a treat on the 'Nice' version and are out in force on the 'Naughty' A side. 'Keep Quiet' by Deadset is out now on Front Room Recordings and is available to buy now from Juno.

Vivek Shraya is an independent musician from Toronto who has a very nice blended sound of indie-dance-pop inspired by many nights on the town in Montreal and by acts like Goldfrapp, Diplo, Prince and Peaches. His latest release 'If We're Not Talking' is a delightful little album that shall go down well in these upcoming summer months and is a mix of laid back pop and electric grooves that could easily make Vivek Shraya one of Canada's next major pop acts. 'If We're Not Talkin' by Vivek Shekra is out now and available to purchase from his website vivekshraya.com

Newly setup label Prestel Records has learned a lot of lessons from Breastfed Records, mainly because one of Mylo's partners is running it! But them years with Breastfed has defiantly given them an acquired taste for good new music. This is proved with their next release by Ex-Melbourne Now-London residents Cobra Dukes and their single 'Leave The Light On'. This is interesting indie music with a clever backup of remixes to suit the DJs and Bloggers out there! Also with a flashy remix from Knightlife and already being played by Mylo, Touche and Punks Jump Up I'm sure this label will gain their success.

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Link for second Herve remix is broken...

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thanks. fixing now!

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