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Another great month for fidget house music with some splendid new music out by Harvey, Loveys and Sinden. But strangely nothing new from Dave Taylor these last 2 weeks which is strange with that guys insane workload and production rate! I'm sure he's very busy producing somewhere and just a matter of time before his masterful sounds surface yet again (The new M.I.A. album would be a good place to look!). Anyway like some kind of crazy chain link fence these 3 fables of fidget all seem to get together in one group or another with Loveys & Harvey as Speaker Junk and Sinden & Harvey on their Sinden & Count Of Monte Cristal EPs. Recently the first named duo have remixed the latest Bloc Party single with sluggish vocals and pumping bass, check below for a preview. Sinden on his lonesome has also been busy with hot new remixes for Lady Sovereign and Elektrons, but this post is more about whats to come really... Soon to be out on Dubsided is Trevor Loveys' debut solo EP for the label with the title track 'Organ Grinder' that samples DJ Shadow's illustrious 'Organ Donor', and another soon to be released Counterfeet EP from Sinden & Count Of Monte Cristal with their 'Everybody Rocking EP' that includes their renowned underground hit 'Beeper' and other equally as awesome Sinden & Harvey B sides! Head on over to The Knocks Family's new blog 'Knock Out Sounds' now to get a fuller preview of this awesome EP! If the promise of these great EPs isn't quite enough, then Herve has also been been busy with new remixes for you to look out for including Roisin Murphy's new single 'Overpowered', New Young Pony Club's 'Ice Cream, and even with Sinden they have remixed the funky new single from Pharoahe Monch which is very 'Beeper-esq' to me.. 'Organ Grinder' by Trevor Loveys is forthcoming on Dubsided and available to pre-order @ HTFR, and the Sinden & Counte Of Monte Cristal EP 'Everybody Rocking' is coming soon through Counterfeet Records.

This next record is absolutely filthy and dirty. Not in a musical description kind of way, but in a bad language kind of way. My mother wouldn't be to happy if she overheard this one playing, so if you're easily offended or have small kids in the room i wouldn't recommend playing it. If you don't give a crap and like good music on the other hand listen to this track from the new Golden Bug single. Blissful cowbells, and overdrive bass synths are a plenty in this foul mouthed frenzy, while B side 'St Tropez' is more relaxed fitting in to Gomma's expected style of funky electronica. 'Barbie's Back/St. Tropez' by Golden Bug is out now on Gomma and available to buy from Phonica, or also available to download from DJDownload.

Mr Oizo has finally been given the starting gunshot to unleash his debut EP for everybody's favourite (and I mean EVERYBODY these days) Ed Banger Records. The long awaited 'Patrick122/Transexual' EP not only features the amazing extended saxophone version of 'Patrick122', but 3 other brand new tracks to boot, so expect some new freaky Oizoness in this package. 'Patrick122/Transexual' by Mr Oizo is available to download now from Bleep!, and is forthcoming on 12" on Ed Banger Records.

New Wave New Yorkers Holy Hail have a new EP out with an attractive selection of remixes accompanying it. Their 'Big Guns EP' is out now on Kanine Records and is the band's first US release. Title track 'Big Guns' gets the full remix attention on this EP with a nice remix from Ex Trash (RIP) resident Rory Phillips, and a hotter pumped up mix Dave Pianka and Adam Sparkles who have been doing the rounds recently with their rave inspired electro mixes. The 'Big Guns EP' by Holy Hail is out now through Kanine Records and is also available to download on iTunes.

Ive been patiently waiting for someone to remix the brilliant Cold War Kids, as I'm a huge fan of their album and it was my pleasure to discover this excellent mix from electro heavyweight Hostage. Although this type of electro isn't usually to my tastes, i cant help but really like this track becuase like the Cold War Kids original, it is so catchy, and the lead singer of the band provides such great vocals. I highly recommend the album 'Robbers & Cowards' by Cold War Kids, but it from Amazon.

The Australians have definitely shown the world that they can make music just as good as the rest of us with the huge success of Van She, Bagraiders, The Bang Gang and all the other Aussies that shot to fame last year with their infectious blog house music. Well here's a new Aussie act to keep an eye on. Damage On The Backseat has been busy producing their own music and a whole host of remixes including this blissful mesmerising mix of 'My Moon My Man' by Feist. Check out his MySpace to hear more from Damage On The Backseat.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Isn't the feist track called "My Moon My Man"?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
ah, sorry. You had the right name, only wront tag in the mp3

Blogger EZ said...
oops, yeah i think that was me too...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
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