Full On Fidget Frontal
Just as I was pondering over the short dry spell of Dave Taylor tunes, it pours down with the some hot new stuff in the pipeline! I must apologise to some extent for posting so much of this fidget house nonsense, and maybe I'm losing a little credibility for the blog by not being so diverse with my selections, but I know what I like and I like what I know. So, second single from their long overdue debut LP is the all set to be summer anthem 'I Believe' by the super Simian Mobile Disco featuring vocals from Simon Lord (Simian, Black Ghosts). After an incredible underground following over the past few years, highly successful sold out UK shows this year including a captivating room one performance at Fabric its only right for James and Jas to rake in some of them bucks! Mr Taylor seems to be the most sought after remixing talent in the country and he explains why with this cheeky, body moving and system stretching rework. In other Switch news the legend has also cooked up another fine remix for Ben Weestbeech's new single 'Dance With Me' which is a mesmerising ghetto bass affair that'll get you all quaking. 'Dance With Me' by Ben Westbeech is out now on Brownswood Records and is available on 12" now at Juno or Phonica. 'I Believe' by Simian Mobile Disco is released on 17th July through Wichita and available in all good record stores, and fans should expect more remixes from Prins Thomas & Girl Talk.

Speaking of Switch, Dave's ex-other-half (In a DJ/production duo kind of way of course!) Trevor Loveys has been a very busy bee lately creating some amazing productions in the form of his debut Dubsided EP, and some world class remixes for Crookers, Dub Pistols, & Claude VonStroke to name a few. I’m happy to say that I love how his style has evolved from the classy sophisticated house he made on many EPs and even an LP on Freerange and Front Room Records, to what it is today and influenced infusion of house genres which together form a great sound that I'm sure the Dubsided family welcomed with open arms! Pick up Trevor's fantastic 'Organ Grinder EP' on Dubsided now which is available at Juno and Phonica. The Dub Pistols' single 'Open' featuring an awesome remix by Trevor Loveys is out now on Sunday Best and available on 12" from Juno or Phonica or download from Juno Downloads, the latest Crookers 'Crooked To Play EP', on On The Brink Recordings again with an amazing Trevor Loveys Remix is also available to download now on Juno Downloads.

And of course a full on fidget attack wouldn't be complete without a mention of Josh Harvey. The master has loaned his skills to the awesome GoodBooks on their latest single 'The Illness'. Herve creates a very infectious fuzzy dub in the way only he can! Crazy riffs and mini vox loops a plenty here! Joining him on this remix 12" are The Teenagers with their more vocal friendly electro remix, and Tapedeck who's 'Sick' remix of 'The Illness' starts off very calm and develops some speed garage like bass lines! Definitely a very diverse remix package with a great selection of remix talents on the job. 'The Illness' (Remixes) is out now on 12" and limited copies are available to buy from Pure Groove now.

At the tender age of 19, Plimsouls is definitely heading in the right direction hitting high in the Hype Machine's most popular chart with his recent remix of Justice's 'D.A.N.C.E.'. As mentioned on his MySpace 'Using only his cunning wit and quick hands, he managed to 'invest' in a laptop, some CDJs and a copy of Ableton Live that he now sits in front of, day in, day out, piecing together various blips, blops and bleeps to satisfy the more electronically minded amongst you.' this 'different' and dedicated approach definitely pays off!

With fifteen years experience on the club circuits of Prague and throughout Europe, Tvyks still remains a very fresh faced character not only in terms of looks, but also with his attitude towards the music and the club scenes. Forgetting countless gigs and huge artist support for now, over the years he has also knocked up a few of his own records, more recently though are his productions alongside Uber Audio Bros known for their release on Get Physical. These tracks have a nice psychedelic kind of electro sound to them, and listening to them I can pick out some influence and similarities to Simian Mobile Disco. Their productions should see a release forthcoming on Plastique Records Prague and as well as a couple of MP3s to share with you, Tvyks has also sent me this exclusive mix recently put together by the man himself!

Tvyks - Full Moon Mix Volume III

Chemical Brothers - 'Saturate'
Simian Mobile Disco - 'Wooden'
Roisin Murphy - 'Overpowered (Herve & Roisin In The Secret Garden Mix)'
Sinden & Count Of Monte Cristal - 'Beeper'
Sinden & Count Of Monte Cristal - 'Tamborzuda (Feat. MC Thiaguinho)'
Housebreakerz - 'Pay My Dues (Hooligan Dub)'
Tim Deluxe & Audio Bullys - 'Let The Beats Roll (Metal On Metal Remake)'
Electroluxe - Rock That Shit
The Screetch - The Screetch
Golden Bug - 'Barbie's Back'
Para One - 'Midnight Swim (Riton Remix)'
CSS - 'Let's Make Love And Listen To Death From Above (SMD Remix)
Zero Cash - 'Run For Cover'
Chromeo - 'Fancy Footwork (D.I.M. Remix)
Victorville - Chum
Homotronic - U Look Like A Gay
Scenario Rock - Skitzo Dancer (TV Rock & Dirty South Remix)
The Cave Bear Cult - 'Catch The Worm'
Simian Mobile Disco - 'Love'

Alex Waez's musical adventures have been quite admirable over the past year. Armed only with a microphone and his own charm, has created the now well known Filthy Few Podcast, gathering musical talent from across the vast goldmine that is MySpace. The Podcast soon gave birth to some amazing live music events, and now every second Thursday of every month Filthy Few Live! takes place at Bar Music Hall, EC2, London. If you're in the area be sure to check out their Filthy Few Bootleg #1 Launch Party on Friday June 29th featuring This City, Johnny Foreigner, Dead Kids, The Ghost Frequency plus DJs Lilica Libertine, DJ Risco & Firas. Speaking of the Bootleg #1 I must have a little ramble about that! With a heavy focus on the fusion of indie and electronica this mixed compilation is a sure winner! Practically every artist and band on the tracklisting is unknown to me, but the selection of tracks is completely on top with some amazing indie sounds from Bad Dancer, Stealth Disco and Johnny Foreigner, and some fresh electric gems from acts like Dance Lazarus Dance and Toxic Avenger. Compiled and mixed by Firas, the Filthy Few Bootleg #1 is out now and available to pre-order from Pure Groove Records now for a mere £5! Subscribe to the Podcast here.

Native Philadelphians Plastic Little, are known for 'Getting Silly In Philly' with their dirty pop rapping and production and now they've loaned their silliness to some remix work too with these impressive tracks. First up Just Jack, who always seems to be on Radio 1 every single time I turn the damn thing on! and also Dub Pistols' track 'Open' which yes, was mentioned just a few lines up. 'Open' by Dub Pistols is available @ Juno as 12" or download.

Blogger Wes said...
I was looking for that Switch remix! Thanks, mate.

Blogger Herr Schmitz said...
nice post!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
yooo...prague is here and tvyks is our hero :D

Blogger Amstereo Galaxy said...
This is why I LOVE Electric Zoo...
Long time no post and then... BAM!
Nice one, Thanks!

Blogger diizy said...
awesome post!!

love fidget house, thanks for some new reccomendations, take care.

Blogger diizy said...
ps. plimsouls myspace link is wrong - correct myspace link http://www.myspace.com/dancewithplimsouls

Anonymous Anonymous said...
THX just what I need!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
for someone who seems to love the east london boys' stuff so much you sure seem to love giving every single thing they ever do away for free.

Blogger Scattermish said...
did switch and trevor do things together? under what name did they go by?

Blogger Dwix said...
Woooooh !

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Yeah, my myspace is


Cheers Diizy!

Blogger RJ said...
trevor loveys used to record with dave taylor under the name Switch, but for some reason he stopped, and Dave took the name on Himself...

Blogger Scattermish said...
really? there ya go i didn't know that. i also didn't know plimsouls was the name for the first rubber souled shoes

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hey there,
I've been logging on to your page for some time now, and all I can say is killer. Killer. Killer. Killer. Always good.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
action's speak volume's
A quick reference of a
sinister-as-hell crime
and it's the differnce
maker between
a short sentance
OR 25 TO LIFE...

numbers :)

My never ending
search for future music
begin's at Electric Zoo

9 out of 10 times

Say's it all



Blogger EZ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

Blogger RJ said...
thanks for your time bjorn!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
trevor loveys was the funk behind the switch project ie the audio bullys remix, the chemical bros remix, the basement jaxx remix, just bounce to this on freerange, but problems arose, and dave taylor took the switch name. however, 2007 will see the rise again of trevor, easily the best underground house producer in the world. dubsided havent welcomed him, they need him. long live the king...


take time to find his 'house of 909' work. completely different to the stuff he's doing now, but the most beautiful deep house you will ever hear.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
great post dude, but the link to the tvyks mix doesnt seem to be working...any help?
- jimbo from oz

Blogger RJ said...
works fine for me jimbo...
try right-clicking and save link as

Anonymous Anonymous said...

bought the filthy few cd - some really good tunes on it

Anonymous Anonymous said...
dead kids killed it at filthy few. going to go see them at all ages in angel.

p.s. switch rocks. check outd dave's 'solid groove' stuff...way nice

Anonymous Anonymous said...
zshare is crap it doesnt download for me- it just sends me around in circles.
You have a great blog- but like many others I am put off by zshare.
Will you consider another file sharing system like YSI etc?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hey!....yep I'm in the same boat - why does Zshare send me round in circles, but only with certain files??

Grrr....want these tracks!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
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