All About The Hybrids
Berlin based Man Recordings have an exciting lineup of releases in the coming weeks, with their star studded 'Funk Mundial' series. Its a great project that urges European producers to team up with Rio based MCs to create baile funk-fidgit/crunk/dancehall hybrid music! Following up the first release by Stereotyp & Edu K, Volume 2. of the series has been produced by two of Britain's best, Sinden & Count Of Monte Cristal with their track 'Tamborzuda', a track which 'fuses speed garage beats with the dope alchemy and rave melodies of Rio Baile Funk, spiced with the rhyme skills of Rio MC Thiaguinho'. The MP3 version is out now on Beatport and includes 3 versions of the track + an acapella. Volume 3. is perhaps even more exciting with Italian fidget stars Crookers who have collaborated with MC Leka and MC Dandao. 'Para De Grachina' is a song about a girl who is not impressed by some playboy's money, moves, sweet smiles and most of all his 'Peru' (Peru is Brazilian Portuguese for 'small dick', that must cause a stir Brazil's neighbouring country... Peru!). Also featured on the release is a track some hardcore Crookers fans may already now; 'Atomic Baile Boy', and another collaboration called 'Soca Ali Baba' featuring MC Dandao, and even both acapellas. Funk Mundial volume 2. by Sinden & Count Of Monte Cristal is out now on Man Recordings and available to download now @ Beatport or on vinyl from Juno, and Volume 3. by Crookers is available to download from May 18th and out on vinyl from June 8th. Limited to 300 copies each, so be quick!

Crookers Ft. MC Leka - 'Para De Grachina' //Man

We have also been blessed with another Dubsided release this month too, with Jesse Rose's third EP for this wonderful label. First featured on Switch's 'House Bash Up' cover mount CD for Mixmag, the title track 'Itchy Dog' is a track full of rising and declining basslines fused with foreign flavours. On the flip side are two other welcomed pieces.. 'Everyday This' an incredibly warm and friendly piece of fidget funk, and 'Second Letter First' another bass driven instrumental outing with some extra production done by Dubsided boss Dave Taylor. The 'Itchy Dog EP' by Jesse Rose is out now on Dubsided and is available to buy now from Juno.

One of my favourite French labels, Institubes have released a new EP by their new signing Bobmo. Only a youngster at 19, Bobmo has some seriously retro influences of Detroit Techno, Miami Bass and Chicago House, and after only a few short years has put all that into practice with his new EP: 'Let's Go Bobmo!' This record has everything; Rave, Acid, you name it, but my favourite track, without a doubt has got to be the fantastic 'To The Bobmobile'. With its pumping drums, simple organ riffs and very hot vocal stabs its no wonder this record has been picked up by the likes of Sinden, MSTRKRFT and the entire Ed Banger Crew! 'Lets Go Bobmo!' by Bobmo is out now Institubes and available now @ Juno.

I had heard myths about this track over the past 2 months. Fabled to have been played by Dave Taylor in numerous sets.. legend has it that finally the glorious Switch has remixed Klaxons! You better believe it, myth has become a reality. After being turned down by the label to appear on any record (God only knows why?) Switch's masterful version of 'Golden Skans' has finally surfaced like Godzilla rising from the deep! I knew it was only a matter of time before we saw one of Dave Taylor's aliases following the title of a Klaxons tune, and I'm very happy that its 'Golden Skans', one of the best songs from their album. I find it unlikely that this is to be released on a record, so long after the release of 'Golden Skans'... but who knows? If it is out in the future: Be sure to buy it!

Blogger ck said...
Call me ignorant, but i hadn't heard anything by crookers until today. Nice one, that bobmo track is ace to.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Crookers are the best italian group

Anonymous Anonymous said...
italian sucks

Anonymous Anonymous said...
just a little correction about 'para de gracinha' - 'peru' is slang for 'dick' in general, not just the underprivileged ones.
but it is true that mc leka is complaining about the boy's size, she says things like "you've got the peru of a baby" and "your peru only tickles me".
one more comment about 'peru', it's a quite old-fashioned slang, you rarely hear it. people usually say 'pau' (meaning 'wood') to refer to a penis.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
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