Some New Faces
So soon after the highly successful Kitsune Maison 3, nombre 4 is almost ready to join us! Perhaps the coolest record label in the world, Kitsune always seem to deliver the latest in upfront indie electro sounds from across the world, championing a very talented bunch of artists like Digitalism, Klaxons, Boys Noize, Simian Mobile Disco, Phones, Hot Chip and many others you will surely find on the shelves of your local record shop. Not to change their style, the Kitsune team have once again put together a very respectable and exciting compilation of music that's sure to be in everybody's heads in the next few months, featuring The Whip, Foals, Feist, Hadouken!, Dragonette, Guns N' Bombs, Crystal Castles, Whitey and more, plus bonus tracks on the CD version. For more info, tracklisting and samples check out the Pure Groove website. Kitsune Maison 4 Compilation is being released on the 18th of June and available to pre-order now from Pure Groove.

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Hadouken! - 'Tuning It (H! Re-rub)' //Kitsune
Punks Jump Up - 'Dance To Our Disco (Baseball Furries Remix)' //Kitsune
Digitalism - 'Zdarlight (Basement Trash Tryout Mix)' //Kitsune

Speaking of compilations London superclub/record label enterprise Fabric have recently released their latest installment of their Fabriclive series, and stars of '06, Spank Rock have created the masterpiece that is Fabriclive 33. In preparation, the Spank Rock boys were fully expecting their mix to be compared to fellow label-mate Diplo's previously successful Fabriclive compilation, so they changed the mix to include every last drop of talent this act has! A very clever and eclectic mix of tunes from artists including CSS, Mr Oizo, Daft Punk, Kurtis Blow, Kano and Best Fwends are sharpened with secret sound effects, samples, singing and dialogues that truly give this compilation a very unique touch that can be rivaled by no other Fabriclive compilation. Fabriclive 33 mixed by Spank Rock is out now and available from Juno, HMV and most other good record shops.

Dutch DJ Jaimie Fanatic definitely lives up to his name. A true fanatic and rule breaker who's travelled the globe with bad ass banging house music, and with 20 EP releases under his belt he's also a talent to be watching as a producer and remixer with his own solid sound. 2006 was definitely his break through year with 16 of his own records and many remixes for top artists like Kerowack, Calvin Harris and Patrick Alavi all being released across the world last year. Jaimie Fanatic is a name I will definitely be keeping my eyes open for this year and you can buy his music now from Juno or that digital stuff on Beatport.

I think Ill stay with the Netherlands for now, as there is more talent to uncover. Promising DJ and producing duo Skitzofrenix have many influences that contribute to their funky, hip hop style of house music including the house heavyweights like Switch, Speakerjunk, Audio Bullys & Basement Jaxx and the amazing talents of Timbaland, Just Blaze and The Neptunes to name just a few. The duo have found their home with Dutch label Samsobeats and have just this year produced the labels first record release, their 'Damn It EP'. The 'Damn It EP' from Skitzofrenix is out now on Samsobeats and is available to buy from Juno and also through Beatport.

2006 was a great year for fidget house music. For a change, everybody now isn't just looking towards Dave Taylor, Trevor Loveys or Jesse Rose for the latest in the genre, after Sinden and Josh Harvey joined the family. It would be a shame to stop the development of the genre there after so much success last year, and so this year there are newer acts to look towards including no strangers to the blog; Italian fidget duo Crookers, and rising South African star The Bulgarian. Both artists have records lined up to be released on On The Brink Recordings and I'm very excited to get my hands on them. Ive been very impressed with The Bulgarian's tracks recently, and perhaps even more impressed over the amount of work this guy does with productions and remixes made under the names The Bulgarian and Mr.Elastik and he even has a band Tone Deaf Junkies.. that's quite a workload! The 'Made In Italy EP' by Crookers, and the 'Ignition EP' by The Bulgarian are both forthcoming on On The Brink, and you can find The Bulgarian's new remix of 'Wanna Tell Ya' by Troydon available now on Juno.

Tronik Youth is known for many things, whether its for his DJing, his catalogue of remixes of top artists or maybe his own productions but there is something that always stands out to me.. Tronik Youth always takes the time to put together a monthly mix of the latest and greatest tunes for his friends and fans alike! Check out his MySpace Blog immediately for a taste of his musical stylings and if that's not enough, have a listen to these beauties below: an awesome edit of the amazing Joy Division and his remix for Franz & Shape which is soon to be released on Relish.

Joy Division - 'She's Lost Control (Tronik Youth Shred-it)' //

Its back, and posted by some user called edbangerrecords, so maybe this one won't cause such great web-controversy!

OK, I know this has already been posted on Discobelle, and I'm assuming countless other blogs by now too.. but I was in awe at the video to Justice's 'D.A.N.C.E'. Directed by Ed Banger's resident artist/graphic designer So Me, I love this vid, much like I love all the Ed Banger artwork really, and I would pay good money for any one of them T-Shirts! (Well reasonably good money anyway!) Anybody willing to fork out insane amounts of Mula for So Me clothing can find the few that are left over @ Wesoldout.com
Blogger Digital Animal said...
Hi guy,

I sent you a mail. I hope you read it..

In any case, nice blog, I like it, and this music.

Keep on working...cheers, from Spain

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Well, 85€ for a T is definetely good money...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Skitzofrenix are amazing, you're right about the dutch dj thing; look at Sidney Samson, Gregor Salto etc. !

loves from Holland

Anonymous Anonymous said...
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