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As you may have noticed by now, I'm a really lazy guy. That's my excuse for not posting much in the last 2 weeks anyway. If that's not enough I'm gonna be starting a new job soon, so my free time is slowly getting drained away from me.. So if there's nothing posted for a while, you know why... it's either work or sleep.

Dan Le Sac just a DJ, Scroobius Pip just a rapper, 'Thou Shalt Always Kill' one hell of an eagerly anticipated track. So its finally out now on 7" with cheeky Hitler artwork to boot! The kitsch Video's been posted to bits too and its clear this clever underground hit is surely a track to remember for 2007. A remix is even squeezed onto the B side with a cracking piece of craft from Knifehandchop, good amigo of Blogger's Delight. 'Thou Shalt Always Kill' by Dan Le Sac VS Scroobius Pip is out now on Lex and available from most record stores including Juno & HMV. High quality DJ friendly Digital versions also available at LexRecords.com & Bleep.

Link Removed by Request
Dan Le Sac VS Scroobius Pip - 'Thou Shalt Always Kill (Knifehandchop Remix)' //Lex

Arguably the Klaxons best track 'Gravity's Rainbow' has been re-released this month on 7" and CDS which includes the monumental Soulwax Remix. Of course many of you wouldn't be too bothered seeing as there has already been an earlier Kitsune release with great remixes, but something tells me there may be a 12" yet to come with remixes by Kavinsky, Guns N Bombs and a rumoured Switch remix still to surface. iTunes customers can also pick up the exclusive Todd Edwards garage mix. 'Gravity's Rainbow' by Klaxons is out now on Rinse on two 7", CDS and available from Juno or Phonica.

Taken from their album 'Love Again' from last year, One-Two have released their single 'O-Hot Brain' along with a package of equally hot remixes. The original is just up all you Indie Kids' street, and if you're not an Indie Kid, then there's something on this vinyl for everyone. Filthy Dukes step up first with a slowed down electric mix complimented with sweet vocoder vocals. Radioclit add more disco to the track and awesome guitar licks N' synths that add a touch of Klaxon like klass. Lastly there is the 'Destroyed by Pedro & Panama' mix, some electric destruction for all you Blouse lovers. 'O-Hot Brain' by One-Two is out now on Four Music and available from Juno & Phonica.

You may have noticed Herve's remix of Larry Tee's 'Licky' featuring Princess Superstar topping my chart in the last post. Well since then Larry's assistant has got in touch praising my love for the track, and provided me with a finished version of the track now titled 'Work it Out' because Josh Harvey did such a great job remixing that the track demanded its own identity.

Ok, if you've already read this, then you may know who's behind this awesome remix, but to avoid any legal issues I'm editing this bit by request of the man/woman him/herself. I don't really know what else to say without mentioning his/her name except this Wu Tang influenced house number is sure to get you bouncin'. How's that for mysterious? Soon to be released on vinyl as Homeade Jams.

Every true fidget house fan has got their eyes on Crookers this year, and I for one am eagerly awaiting their next releases. They tickled our taste buds with their showcase mix tape earlier this year, and have 3 releases lined up for On The Brink Records, Big Sur Recordings and Man Recordings as part of the Funk Mundial Vinyl series. 'Aguas De Parco' by Crookers is out on Big Sur Recordings and available to download now on iTunes.

Crookers - 'On & On' //

Radio Slave's music has changed a lot during the past few years, I remember anxiously hunting for some of his early white labels and 'RS' releases which included some masterful remixes and re-edits that will still stand out today. More recently, Matt Edwards is much busier running is record label Rekids, producing champion minimal remixes and productions as Radio Slave, Rekid or even as part of the Quiet Village Project. Matt's latest remix of 'Glorious' by Brit rock band Captain is a dark and moving masterful track that continues his excellent CV of remixes. Here's the remix as well as a few of my favourites from his earlier years.

Blogger J3Concepts said...
That Common remix is sharp mate.
I think the only other one I don't have is the Todd Edwards remix of Klaxons. Thanks for sharing as always mate.

Blogger Scott said...
If you're still after any of the early RS edits, just let me know I have mp3's of them all, just about!

Blogger RJ said...
I think I have most of them on vinyl thanks mate.. the only ones I know of which havent got are his remixes of:

Amerie - One Thing
The Hives - Idiot Walk
Lil Kim - How Many Licks
Britney Spears - Boom Boom Beatz
Raconteurs - Steady As She Goes (mix with Tommie Sunshine)

some arent so old, but still what my collection is lacking

Blogger Scott said...
I've got the Amerie mix and I may have the Lil Kim one, I look through the archives. I pop a link here as soon as I find them!!

Blogger RJ said...
awesome, thanks for the help there mate!

Blogger Caitlyn / CPI said...
Dear lord, please post and let us know when/where we can buy tigerstyle.

Blogger RJ said...
i looked on Juno, and they have Homemade Jams Vol. 1 & 2 (NOT WITH TIGERSTYLE THOUGH),
so im sure when its out, itll eventually end up on Juno...

Blogger Scott said...
Here is a link to that Amerie refix:


I'm still looking for the Lil' Kim one though


Anonymous Anonymous said...
just a blog? please... shit is FIRE.

has no one ever told you that sleepings cheating! more posts than every fortnight pleeeeeeeeeeeeease!

gd luck with your new job etc

Blogger J3Concepts said...
Go on soulseek mate, i have a massive collection of Radio Slave edits/remixes.
Always a pleasure cheech ;)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
great remix for klaxons

Anonymous Anonymous said...
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