Riton Time
Riton: Essential component of the Gucci Soundsystem, solo DJ, and more importantly here; Music Producer. It only seems right to write about Riton this week, after two of his latest productions have made their way onto my doorstep in the form of hot new records. First up is the long awaited 'Midnight Swim' single from Para One's album 'Ephiphanie', at first I wanted this for Surkin's glorious 'Drowning' mix, but now it has a worthy contender. Riton has further electrocuted this beaut, with strobing synths and bass and kept the classic cutting violin samples in their too. Also released late last week was Simian Mobile Disco's first official single from their forthcoming album 'Attack Sustain Release' (Check out their new official website for a tasty sample of some of the tracks). Anyway 'It's The Beat' has been given the remix treatment from Massey, Luke Vibert and the man of the moment Riton. Not unlike the Para One remix, this is an electric shocker with heavy strobing basslines , vibrant hi-hats and cheeky backing melodies. 'It's The Beat' by Simian Mobile Disco is out now on Wichita and is available to buy at Juno or Phonica, 'Midnight Swim' by Para One is also out now on Institubes and also avilable to buy @ Juno or Phonica.

Roll out the red carpet right away, because in true imperial fashion the Count Of Monte Cristal has arrived. Perhaps not titled so nobly, 'The Ghetto Bitches EP' has finally been released on Counterfeet Records. Its a great 4 track EP from Josh Harvey, that very clearly introduces everybody to the Count and his heavy basslines, ghetto vocal samplings and funky snippets let us know just exactly what he's all about. Also featured on the EP is Sinden's super speedy take on 'Ghetto Bitches' which was previously mentioned Here if you fancy a little listen. Still to come on Counterfeet is yet more music from The Count on another EP accompanied with Sinden to include their amazing set to be club anthem 'Beeper'. The 'Ghetto Bitches EP' by The Count Of Monte Cristal is out now on Counterfeet and available to buy now on Juno or Phonica.

I may be a little late picking up on this one, so Im sure many of you have been listening to it lots already. I have been anyway, so its only right to mention Basement Jaxx's new single 'Make Me Sweat' featuring the ever so funky legend Roxxanne Shante which is out now exclusively on Orange vinyl. Ive been recently getting less fond of the Jaxx after their last album and few singles, but this track has them rocketed back to the top of my list! I don't know what it is about Roxanne Shante either, but every house track she appears on get's me giddy, her rapping is a true definition of ghetto funk. She also featured on Mekon's single 'Yes Yes Y'all' a few months back which jogged my memory of a huge favourite of mine from a few years back which is 'What's Going On' again by Mekon featuring Roxanne Shante pure awesome. 'Make Me Sweat' by Basement Jaxx is out now on Atlantic Jaxx and available from Juno & Phonica.

To carry on in true Electric Zoo fashion here's one of Dave Taylor's latest masterpieces. It really wouldn't be a true post with him absent. So here's his remix of Just Jack's forthcoming track 'Glory Days' which has also been remixed by Ed Banger's boy DJ Mehdi. This remix clearly shows Dubsided Dave's darker side with some haunting keys and really beastly basslines which contribute to yet another juicy Jackin' track from Mr Taylor. Also about now is Mika's new single 'Love Today' remixed by Switch, which is also set for release soon and should be available at all good record shops. Just Jack's new single 'Glory Days' with a remix from Switch is out on the 16th of April and available to pre-order now @ HMV.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
great smd riton remix!! love it!

Blogger keem said...
love riton since day 1. seems it really is their time. they are remixing every hot track lately and every mix ismore than ok. thx man!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
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