OK Now Open Them
Like a package long lost in the post, the latest Dubsided vinyl has finally arrived! Debuting their Dubsided release is Speaker Junk aka no strangers to the label Joshua Harvey & Trevor Loveys with their single 'Foxxy'. You may have heard the original before as it has already been released on Harvey's cheeky white label outlet Speaker Punk, and even if you haven't, its pretty easy to guess what this track is all about: A remix of the legend Jimi Hendrix's sexed up 60s anthem 'Foxy Lady'. Its the A2 track that really shines here though with an awesome remix from Dubsided head honcho Switch, who takes the original adds even more sex, punching guitar riffs and one of them trademark wobbly bass lines we have all learned to love. The B sides also deserve a glorified mention more specifically 'Close Your Eyes' a jacked up, scratchy piece of electro-rave pie followed by the B2 'Bounce' a nice funky ghetto fidget number. 'Foxxy' by Speaker Junk is out now on Dubsided, a superb EP defonetly worth buying and available @ Juno, HTFR or Pure Groove, take your pick.

I really can't wait till Mark Ronson's new album 'Version' comes out, so far I've heard about 4 tracks from it and I love the concept of the project and hope its a hit. The latest single taken from the forthcoming album is no different, where the New Yorker with vocal help from Aussie RnB singer/songwriter Daniel Merriweather has come up with a very Gnarles Barkley-Esq version of The Smiths' 'Stop Me If You think You've Heard This One Before'. The original has been hammered on the radio now, and the remixes are starting to surface with this splendid easy going production from Chicken Lips.

Ive noticed Kavinsky's latest EP stirring up quite a bit of hype in blogland this weekend too, and its well deserved too. The is a very innovative EP, very much influenced by 80s TV music and sounds like taking a spin in KITT with Michael Knight. I just love the use of them cheeky synths and US news reports and if this doesn't sound enough, also put onto this lush limited edition Red vinyl is ed banger SebastiAn's latest remix of the track 'Testarossa' from his previous 'Teddy Boy EP'. The '1986 EP' by Kavinsky is out now on Record Makers and is available to buy now from Juno.

Okay, if you haven't yet had the pleasure of listening to this track.. prepare to have your socks clearly knocked off. Belgian rave-rockers Goose are set for more big things this year, and if remixes are included in their work schedule then I'm all ears, as their remix of the Scissor Sisters latest single 'She's My Man' is an absolute stomper and one of the best dance floor destroyers Ive heard so far in 2007. Listen and listen loud! This remix is available on the CD single now from Juno.

Remixes of New Young Pony Club's new single 'The Bomb' by the likes of The Teenagers and Phones have been on a number of blogs now, but to be honest I much prefer the original. A very cool, funky yet punky anthem and with an impressively talented and interesting band like NYPC there's not always a need for a remix! Remember that! 'The Bomb' by New Young Pony Club is released on March 19th on CD, 7inch and 12inch with remixes from The Teenagers, Phones & Kaos. Pre-order from HMV now.

South Central are continuing to work hard, not only with their own forthcoming productions but with new remixes too. First up, a huge favourite of mine from last year, The Sunshine Underground's single 'Put You In Your Place' which was constantly coming out of my speakers. They've given it a new life, and now once again I love this single with added electrically degrading vocals, heavy punchy beats and a funk-fueled bass line. Another recent mix they have done is of Radar's latest single 'War Out There'. There's a lot more action in this one, with similar screechy effects and layered beats, but less vocal aspects and more of a plan for a full on rave. 'War Out There' is out now with remixes from South Central and Tomboy and available from Juno.

Lastly I wanna mention, and make a kind of tribute to The Killers who I saw on their UK tour last week and were absolutely amazing. Its sad but I rarely get out to see live acts perform, and I wish I had the time and local venues to be able to. So here's some killer Killer's remixes, and one from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club too, who supported The Killers and also put on a great set.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - 'Stop (Coburn Remix)' //Virgin

P.S. There's still a few days left to enter the EEE competition and win some exclusive prizes, check HERE if you're interested.
Blogger Leo said...
Superpost as always!
Been waiting for those Fidgettunes for months now!


Anonymous Anonymous said...
your blog is awesome respect to u!

but if possible can u please give tracks as 320kbps? many thanx

Blogger RJ said...
sorry pal, no can do.. with respect to the artists I only post at 128kbps.

I wrote why here: LINK

Anonymous Anonymous said...
that switch remix is demented - dave taylor needs to lay off the coffee I reckon

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blogger His Whoreness said...
loving the kavinsky track and the goose remix of scissor sisters

nice work

excellent taste in music

Anonymous Anonymous said...
loving the new kavinsky.
I actually just posted that switch remix too. I thought I had found something good before everyone!
but you found it before I did.
Keep it coming, you're wonderful.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
That goose remix is mental. Superb.

- JohnB

Anonymous Anonymous said...
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