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Surprise, surprise, I'm blogging about Dave Taylor yet again, as the outlook for forthcoming records on his labels gets bigger and bigger, and some of his new remixes come to surface. Along with Sinden, he's co-produced a bass banging remix of 'Through A Keyhole' by Chicago popsters Walter Meego, which pounds the breath out of the track's haunting vocals. It obvious that Dave & Graeme get on really well and are quite a team when it comes to producing monstrous mayhem music, and they have further proved this recently with another remix of the forthcoming Basement Jaxx single 'Hey U' (Featuring Robyn.. see below). Although this time he's under his Switch guise, yet again the dynamic duo give us something very special. Still a very dark and dirty affair, with repetitive screams and a very Kuduro-Esq pulsing beat. But if these goodies don't satisfy you're hunger, with new music comes the sight of even newer stuff on the horizon, with Switch remixing 'Making Me Money' by Jacknife Lee (Listen now on @ his MySpace), and some amazing productions from Sinden along side the amazing Counte Of Monte Cristal forthcoming on an EP on Counterfeet records. Definitely worth checking out Sinden's Myspace to listen to track 'Beeper' from this EP, would definitely be number one in my chart if I could get a copy! Buy Switch, Solid Groove and Sinden music @ Juno.

Again with more of this fidget nonsense and Italians of the moment, Crookers have a new remix of Steed Lord which they are intangibly handing out on their MySpace for free, a bargain for some top notch dirty crooked house. We are still awaiting their debut EP for On The Brink to be dropped, as well as a hell of a lot more stuff that they showed off in their 2007 production sampler mix. Talking of On The Brink, another of their signings The Bulgarian, has remixed Bape lovin' Teriyaki Boys which you can find over at the splendid Slutty Fringe Blog.

I think I'm a bit late in catching onto this neon pop queen, but I was very impressed reading her Wiki to see that she left Jive Records & BMG to start her own record label Konichiwa Bitches. Well what a great move that was, allowing the Swedish songstress Robyn to have the label focused on her own music, and it sure has paid off with her last single getting a lot of recognition leading to a new UK release of her self titled album 'Robyn'. In this spotlight she's also now got the opportunity for some class act producers to get their mits on her music for remixing. This time round Trentemoller has made a very impressive urban/tech sounding mix, unlike most of his productions Ive known. The single 'Konichiwa Bitches' is set for release on March the 26th on V2 with mixes from Trentemoller, Oscar The Punk & Menta and available to buy in all good record shops.

Joining the Boys on Boys Noize Records for their debut release is yet another french act to keep an eye on. There's been a lot of hype about Les Petits Pilous, and their debut 'Hello, We Are Here EP'. I don't think they could have found a better home with Boys Noize as they sound like family on this debut, with heavy techno beats and ever loving electronic flavours. The 'Hello, We Are Here EP' by Les Petits Pilous, is out now and available to buy at Phonica.

Lastly here's something to rock out to. A cheeky bootleg mix of The Subways by Tube & Berger. Obviously don't have any information about this one but I'm sure you indie-kids already know their anthem 'Rock & Roll Queen', so just expect the same thing but with more driving bass N beats. Buy this vinyl now from Juno.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
robyn trentemoller remix


Blogger RJ said...
im not down with the lingo tony.. could you please explain what the hell SNIDDAPP is.. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

as in I jus done posted that remix too! good stuff

Blogger RJ said...
ahhhhhhh.. i can see it now.. i can usually work em out, but that one got me.

no worries eh.. just shows the great taste we both got.. and two outlets for ell them people to download from.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
as per usual fantastic post!!!!
ur blog is the only one i fully read lol
love ur work

Blogger kraeger said...

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