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After closing the doors of his record shop last year, DJ Booth with accomplice Chameleonic set up a club night to continue spreading their musical philosophies to Ottawa-city and the rest of Canada. Their events 'Disorganised' blew up last year with headliners like Diplo, MSTRKRFT and The Juan Maclean performing across the country and of course with heavy support from the duo themselves Jokers Of The Scene. JOTS are no strangers to the blogging community at all, in fact they are great pals, and have a load of mixes for numerous blogs, including their amazing latest mix which they did for Discobelle this month. Its an invigorating mash of fidget nonsense, electro and Baltimore bliss, and even a number of exclusives from the boys themselves, including one of Apostle of Hustle's '24 Robbers' which was in fact one of the very first tracks ever blogged on Electric Zoo. So the lovely Jokers have kindly sent me this exclusive for Electric Zoo's readers to have a listen.

Every single thing I hear from Joshua Harvey somehow gets posted on the blog. Maybe its the fact that he is one of the most exciting producers in the UK right now, and everything he touches turns to gold (metaphorically speaking of course). Along with Trevor Loveys he's produced some amazing records as Speaker Junk, and if their previous Dubsided release hasn't proved that to you, you're an idiot! I'm sure Ive previously mentioned all the gossip about his expected releases for this year already, with EPs as The Counte Of Monte Cristal - paired with Sinden, and on his own as Voodoo Chilli with a re-release of 'Look What You've Done To Me' ready to re-drop on Dubsided later this year. Witness the genius of Speaker Junk yet again with two more crazy and unique remixes from the duo right here, and look out for forthcoming releases from Josh Harvey on Dubsided and Counterfeet all coming soon.

The Shadow Dancer brothers continue with hard work, with a growing schedule of DJ gigs whilst always taking the time to produce new great music. After gaining recognition from their commendable work on remixes for Holy Hail, The Longcut and The Whip its about time the boys had their own record out on a big label don't you think. Well keep them fingers crossed because Kid Alex from Boys Noize has loved their track 'Poke' and been playing it at gigs for a while now, and there have been chats about a forthcoming release through Boys Noize Records. I have been a keen follower of their productions and progress since I first heard their stuff on MySpace, Paul is a great guy and has always kept me up to date with their latest music, and I wish the boys all the best with their future releases! Look out for a Shadow Dancer EP forthcoming on Boys Noize Records???

Shadow Dancer - 'Are You Now' //Demo
Link Removed by Request

Its been a crazy past few months full of Ed Banger releases, and I was shocked to see yet another one so soon after Busy P's last offering. Things usually take ages to surface on these magnificent labels, but it seems some good planning and production has paid off with a huge barrage of Ed Banger records hitting the shelves. This time DJ Mehdi has a follow up record to his LP 'Lucky Boy' with a 'Lucky Girl EP' featuring exclusive remixes from the legend that is Thomas Bangalter, Outlines and Surkin. Bangalter really shines with his historic french filtered house skills on his remix of 'Signatune', and Surkin really hits the target with his raving take on title track 'Lucky Boy'. Mehdi's LP is also set for a re-release in Europe including some of the mentioned remixes and a further exclusive remix of 'I Am Somebody' by Switch which shows a friendlier funkier side to Dave Taylor. The 'Lucky Girl EP' is out now on Ed Banger and available to buy at Juno, and the latest Ed Banger compilation featuring all of the crew is also now in the shops and also available @ Juno on CD and LP formats.

Armand Van Helden caused a stir with limited promos of his single 'Touch Your Toes' featuring hip hop big cat Fat Joe. So what's the next step? Remixes of course, and some good ones too. Ex-Radio Slave Serge Santiago has given it a go with champion results with this extended, scary, toe touching number. Along with Santiago in the remix ranks are the Audio Bullys who have seriously gone back to their roots with this mix, with the dark urban/garage sound that was praised on their awesome first album 'Ego War' yet disappointingly missing on their second album. Also with remix action from Lost Daze and Stretch Armstrong, 'Touch Your Toes' is forthcoming on Southern Fried Records.

In line with the release of his debut album 'Serios' Tomas Barford aka Tomboy has released the first single from the LP. 'Flamingo' comes packaged with a further remix from Tomboy himself and another more electric and stomping version from KIM of The Presets. Oh yeah, and remember I posted South Central's remix of 'War Out There' by Radar last week... Well I really underestimated Tomboy's version of the track, not only has he done both vocal and dub versions, they are awesome too with a cheeky Hot Chip/Booji Boy style tweaked vocal and squeaky bleeps paired with a lumbering bass line. Tomboy's single 'Flamingo' and LP 'Serios' are both out now on Gomma and available from Juno, and Radar's 'War Out There' with mixes from Tomboy and South Central is also available to buy @ Juno.

Here's one of them tracks that I randomly came across and now unfortunately can't really find much information about.. Discogs doesn't really seem to know much but the Italian version of Juno does... Out this month on Vintage Italy I'm assuming this release will surface on other shores and make its way into our record shops. This stuff is electro house at its best, the good stuff that's great until it gets overplayed and annoying. This sounds like the next 'Ghet's Noch' by Roman Flugel, which also went down that path and got annoying pretty quickly when it was played by everyone. 'Dry' by Overnoise is out now and Vintage Italy.

Clearly the best bootleg Ive heard in a long time, Babooshka* resident Micky Slim's rendition of 'Jump Around' by House Of Pain opened my eyes and ears to this producer and Ive been keeping my peepers open for his other work ever since. A few electro house numbers which didn't really appeal to me were found, but then this little gem was unearthed. A jaunty take on Basmement Jaxx's 'Take Me Back To Your House' which could put this guy in with the fidget house mafia.

An old ar2k friend by the name of Mr Brown has been sending me some of his latest productions and they truly deserve a post. Along with his own productions he has been doing some remixes including a very volatile mix of Italian electro punks Brilliants. Very heavy and scary stuff that's honestly very hard to explain... you'll just have to have a listen, shit yourself, then realise just how crazy this is.

As if this post wasn't long enough.. here's an extra long mix set too. The Knocks Family are a Swedish, DJ/Remix/Producing duo who sent me this double volume edition mixset 'Twice Ass Nice' for you to spend an afternoon listening to. More remixes and productions are promised soon, so look out.

Twice Ass Nice Vol.1
Laidback - White Horse (TKF Short Edit)
Phon.O - Booty Lickin'
Mikael Weill - Silmarions (Claude VonStroke Mix)
Claude VonStroke - Who's Afraid Of Detroit? (Tanner Ross Remix)
Herve - See Me
Freeform Five - No More Conversations (Switch Remix)
Armand Van Helden - Necessary Evil / Candy Girls - Bamboozled
Duke Dumont - Pop Dat Poosay
Sex In Dallas - Forever Young (Sharooz Remix)
Bobby Peru - Erotic Discourse
Crookers - Massive
Spektrum - Don't Be Shy (Speaker Junk Remix)
Starkey - Clipse (WampWamp Starkey Mix)
DJ Sujinho & Zuzuka - Mas Com Voce
Busy P - Chop Suey
Feadz - Go On Beef
Klaxons - Golden Skans (SebastiAn Mix)

Twice Ass Nice Vol.2
White Rose Movement - Alsatian (Phones Gone To The Dogs Remix)
Matthew - I Disappear (Ruff Edit)
Tom Vek - Nothing But Green Lights (Phones Madchester '90s Mix)
Wolf & Cub - Thousand Cuts (Phones Slasher Remix)
Gwen Stefani - Wind It Up (Kissy Sell Out Remix)
Uffie - Dismissed
Mr. Oizo - Patrick122
Uffie - Pop The Glock (Sebastian Remix)
Little Ruby - Miracles
The Bulgarian - Loop Poop
Justin Martin - The Fugitive
The Prodigy - Girls (Geht's Noch? Edit)
DJ Mehdi - Lucky Boy (Surkin Mix)
Teenage Bad Girl - Cocotte (Boys Noize Rework)
DatA - J'aime Pas L'art (Remix 2007)
Boys Noize - Don't Believe The Hype (Surkin Remix)
Goblin - Tenebre (Remix)
Justice - Phantom
SebastiAn - Walkman
Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Patrick Alavi Rerox)

And finally the EEE Competition has come to an end and the winners have been drawn. Congratulations to AMAN BAHRA who wins 1st prize of an exlcusive signed Tetsuya Mizuguchi artwork and signed EEE game, and also conratulations to runners up JARED NICKERSON and STEPHEN BARNES who both win a copy of the PSP game. The prizes are on their way to you.
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