Whistle For It
Detroit's Claude VonStroke had a a huge hit last year with his fame finding track 'The Whistler' from his debut LP 'Beware Of The Bird'. 2007 sees a new package of remixes of this house anthem on his own US label Dirtybird Records, roping in DJ Assault, Luca Agnelli, Jesse Rose & Diplo to perform surgery on the track. Those in the know of DJ Assault can expect another Detroit flavoured booty bass rework, while Jesse Rose has worshiped the original version by hanging on to the deep house vibe re-editing the track and adding some his fidget expertise. Diplo definitely deserves the A1 side here though with his awesome Baltimore stylings that gives 'The Whistler' new life. Remixes of 'The Whistler' is out know on Dirtybird Records and available to buy now @ Juno and Phonica.

More deep tech house now from UK label Odori's latest signings The Bald & The Beautiful. No Britney Spears hasn't got into house producing, these have actually got talent (I was gonna post a picture, but that bald girl really creeps me out now..) The 'Bacon Champers EP' by The Bald & The Beautiful has some very well produced tracks that reminds me of some deep house on Derrick Carter & Luke Solomon's Classic Record Label, and some of Dave Taylor's earlier Solid Groove productions, keeping it deep and very technical. The 'Bacon Chambers EP' by The Bald & The Beautiful is out now on Odori and available to buy @ Juno and Phonica.

More Ed Banger already right now as we all carry on getting excited for their upcoming releases. I was a little disappointed, (Heavy on the little! because its such an awesome compilation!) but it would have been great to hear more from Mr Oizo on the CD. His productions are always so crazy yet technically immaculate, and I always can't wait to hear more from him. When his Ed Banger debut finally drops I'm sure he'll please everyone and if single 'Patrick122' is anything to go by, Id say its pretty much satisfaction guaranteed: Disco warped into a wicked Oizo odyssey!. Below is a sample of more of what's yet to drop on the mighty Ed Banger.

Hot on the tail of their previous project remixing Punks Jump (Coming soon on Kitsune! Yeah!) Matt Waites and Pete Cage aka Nightmoves have done yet another fine job remixing the latest Bent single. Id say their remix of 'Waiting For You' goes in the same channel as their PJU remix, as they are very comparable in style and quality with equal electro anthemic stylings. 'Waiting For You' by Bent is out now on Godlike & Electric records with remixes from Nightmoves, Danny Howells & Mr B, and is available to buy now on Juno.

I was raving on about Leeds based I Can Count Music a few weeks back when they kindly sent me a copy of their latest CD compilation. Something that heavily caught my ears was the Gameboy-pop music of David E. Sugar 2006 Diesel U-Music finalist. Ok he lost to Duke Dumont, a worthy adversary, and don't let that deter you (I mean look at that setup from 2004 up in that pic!) because he's produced a new Klaxons remix to add to the pile. Using his own trademarked beats and bleeps hes produced a very nice bouncy version of 'Golden Skans'.

Blogger seandonson said...
Thanks man, that golden skans mix is sweet and its incredible how oizo dissects and destroys garys gang.

Blogger pabs said...
isn't claude von stroke doing a minimix for annie mac tonight?

great post as usual though =)

pabs x

Blogger RJ said...
not sure on that pabs.. Ill have a lsiten tonight though, should be good.

Blogger Tal said...
GREAT post, ry. definitely one of the top 5 bloggers in the whole world wide web.

Blogger RJ said...
wow thanks tal. that's a BIG big up!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
new I Can Count compilation - hmmm gonna have to have words with the boy Sweeney!

tuff selection ryan, that diplo remix is mental

Anonymous Anonymous said...
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