Vive La France
The 2007 Ed Banger Rave-olution is here. The release of Ed Rec Vol. 2 at the end of March will reveal the almighty power of the weapons that Busy P and Co have got lined up for release this year. The CD compilation features exclusive cuts from all of the Ed Banger crew, fresh and crisp beats that continue to push the boundaries and amaze all, and this release gives a very sweet taste of whats to come on the forthcoming vinyl releases and EPs from the label. These of course being debut releases from Busy P and Mr Oizo, and highly anticipated 12s from DJ Mehdi and Justice. Also next month DJ Mehdi, Busy P, So Me, Justice & SebastiAn will be touring North America, so you Yanks better check their MySpace to see when the party is in your area! Ed Rec Vol. 2 featuring Justice, SebastiAn, Mr Oizo, Busy P, Uffie, DJ Mehdi, Mr Flash, Krazy Baldhead, Feadz, Vicarious Bliss, Klaxons & So Me, is Ed Banger's first CD compilation release and will be out at the end of March and should be available from Arcade Mode, and Busy P's debut 'Rainbow Man' is out February 26th.

Another fine french label, Institubes have also got some fine releases lined up including debuts from Das Glow and Bobmo, remixes of Surkin's anthem 'Radio Fireworks' and of course their star signing Para One's next single 'Midnight Swim' featuring mixes from Beckett & Taylor, Riton and Surkin. But never mind forthcoming stuff, Tacteel has only just put out a new 12" release on this label. ' Feel It, Feel It' definitely French... that's all I'm saying.. but I'll quote this:

'True story: 3 AM, Paris by night, clubhopping, we’re between two parties, neither drunk nor sober. Then we spot this girl passed out right in the middle of the street, with some punk laughing his head off right next to her. We ask the guy what’s so fucking funny and he says “She’s puking in her sleep... and you know what’s even funnier? She’s my girlfriend.”
That’s when Tacteel headbutted the guy, slapped him across the mouth a couple times then dragged him in front of a shop window so he can look at shame creeping over his sorry face. That’s what “Feel It, Feel It” is about. Righteous anger. It’s Tacteel’s most violent track ever, far less controlled than anything he’s done. This is what happens when crisis- management fails. It sounds like a blindfolded Chi-Town maniac running to the dancefloor waving a huge double-bladed axe. Can you feel the beat? Cause I can. Right, fucker? I CAN.'
Arcade Mode

Clear Enough? Well if not Zdar has also remixed the title track so make that French X French which is always good. The B side is also awesome, more of an electric punch up but still very fitting to the release. Buy Institubes records from Arcade Mode and Juno.

Tacteel - 'Feel It, Feel It' //Institubes
Para One - 'Midnight Swim (Surkin Drowning Mix)' //Institubes

I'm doing it again I know. I keep knocking on about the same artists and labels... And I'm not gonna stop now. He's become quite the star on this blog, but its truly deserved. Josh Harvey proves why yet again with his latest Herve remix of Unklejam's 'Love Ya'. I tell you, Dave Taylor better pull his socks up as there is so much talent pouring out of this guy more and more mixes and releases on the horizon. Look out for forthcoming vinyls including releases from Voodoo Chilli and Speaker Junk on Dubsided and Count Of Monte Cristal on Counterfeet.

Unklejam - 'Love Ya (Herve Remix)' //Virgin
Anonymous Anonymous said...

COME ON ++++ ;)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hmm the song you call l'hiver vous va si bien is actually feel it, feel it, you better correct that...

Blogger RJ said...
yes i see that now... oops. The record sleeve is labeled incorrectly

Blogger Geht's Noch? said...
Man, greel is a destroyer

Anonymous Anonymous said...
That Busy P is HOT!!
Herve is always cooking up a storm!
SebastiAn... just ridiculous!! In a good way!

- JohnB

Anonymous Anonymous said...
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