Gossip Parts

That was a trailer for Skins, brand new sex-drugs-N-alcohol fueled teen drama on E4 now in the UK. You've probably noticed by now that they've used Gossip's 'Standing In The Way Of Control' (The Soulwax Remix to boot!) as a theme tune for that trailer, and now E4 along with KISS and Back Yard Records have are inviting anyone to remix the track. If you win it, you're mix will be played on KISS FM, pressed onto a re-release vinyl with mixes from Soulwax, Le Tigre, Playgroup and Headman.. quite something for the CV huh? Other than that you can also go to a Gossip gig with one of the Skins cast members (if that's your cup of tea) and get a chance to meet the band too.
Even if you don't fancy entering, the vocals available to download can be very useful to DJs and producers alike, so to enter and/or download the parts head on over to http://www.remixgossip.com/
Blogger keem said...
count me in :)
thx for the data