Competition Time
I thought it would be a good idea to give something back to Electric Zoo's loyal readers.. so from time to time I'm going to have small competitions where you can win free stuff!
The lovely people at Buena Vista Games and Immediate Future Ltd have kindly sent me an exclusive canvas artwork and 3 copies of their new game Every Extend Extra, a modern day arcade blaster for the PSP. Check the website http://www.eeethegame.com for more information, screenshots and information about the artists on the game's soundtrack. Its a unique puzzling shooter with intense arcade gameplay fused with captivating visuals and electric techno beats. EEE was designed by Tetsuya Mizuguchi the godfather of gaming behind other titles such as Lumines and Rez, who has also collaborated with artists like Shinichi Osawa (aka Mondo Grosso) and Ken Ishi for the soundtracks of his games. Like his previous titles the games design was strongly influenced by his interest in electronic music, and the fusion of gaming and music to create a total sensory experience. So obviously electronic music plays a vital role in the game with tempos increasing through the levels, increasing difficulty, and a number of Japanese artists have been involved in the soundtrack of the game (More info on these artists can be found at the EEE website http://www.eeethegame.com).

So have you got a little brothers birthday coming up? Want to get a free PSP game for your kid? Or even fancy a copy of the game yourself? I have an exclusive one-off signed peice of canvas art designed and signed by Testuya Mizuguchi (See Above) plus a signed game and 2 other copies of the game to give away. All you've got to do is:

Name 3 music artists featured on Every Extend Extra

Send your answers, with your name and address by email to electriczooblog@gmail.com with 'EEE Competition' as the subject.
Entries in the comments section will not be accepted and deleted.
Closing date for entries is the 18th March 2007, winners will be picked out of a hat: 1st prize being the signed canvas artwork plus a signed game, and 2 runners up will also receive a copy of the game. Good Luck.
Blogger SMB said...
Great! Congratulations!
Best regards.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
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