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That All Saints revival wasn't that great was it. No way as successful as them Take That lads, but with their original fan-base it was bound to be a success anyway. I suppose its still early days for the girls yet, as they've only had one single out since they hit back with 'Rock Steady' which was remixed by MSTRKRFT of course. I'm starting to see the strategy that may be forming with some artists, like Robbie Williams and his shit album, by getting Soulwax, Switch & Nightmoves to do some work for them. If you can get great producers to remix your music (no matter how bad the original may be) you've instantly got another target audience to sell the music too. This time around Kissy Sell Out's marvelous skills create a different take on their single 'Chick Fit', and as Ive mentioned in a previous post he is on form for this year with some great remixes lined up, and he's definitely grown a bold reputation and quite a recognisable trademark sound to his productions. Love the naming of the mixes too! 'Chick Fit' by All Saints is forthcoming through Parlophone records, and Kissy Sell Out has his debut LP coming out on San City High.

Tiga's label Turbo Recordings have released their latest record with a debut from Proxy. 'The Destroy EP' features a beauty of a remix from Riot In Belgium who I can see having another busy year with their single 'La Musique' out now on Relish and completed remixes for KIM, Headman and Surkin. The remix for Surkin will feature on a 'Radio Fireworks' remix 12" out on Institubes. Awesome. The 'Destroy EP' by Proxy is out now on Turbo and available to buy at Juno & 'La Musique by Riot In Belgium is also out now on Relish and also available at Juno.

Justice have been hyped to pieces over the past month by bloggers, websites, mags and DJs across the globe.. and you may think I'm a bit late in writing about their plans for 2007. Well you're wrong, I could have written about them ages ago, but knowing that every other blog was doing exactly the same, I saved it for another time. You all know the gossip about, 'Phantom', the Goblin sample, and their forthcoming LP blablabla so I'm not gonna go on about it.. Ill simply multiply the hype with some 'pre-mixes' that anxious producer fans have made to fill the Justice void of January 2007. Included are a Justice multi mashup from Thunderous Olympian and a re-edit sampling the original Goblin track from Faex aka Skull Juice's Alex Egan. Oh yeah there's also the 'D.A.N.C.E' teaser, that featured on the Limited Phantom 12" and sounds like another forthcoming smasher from the Duo. 'Phantom' was released on a limited 12" if you were lucky enough to grab one, so look out for more Justice releases on Ed Banger this year.

Diplo's Mad Decent label is putting out the next release for Brazilian nuts Bonde Do Role. Their single 'Gasolina' features a star studded lineup of remixers including Baltimore beats from Scottie B & King Tutt, grimey goodness from Radioclit, and one from the Kudurolicious Buraka Son Sistema. Love all the mixes to be honest, and wasn't quite sure which one to post here, so.. umm. Here's the Scottie B & King Tutt Mix simply because I havent mentioned much about the Baltimore scene on the blog yet, and it deserves a big up. 'Gasolina' from Bonde Do Role is forthcoming on Mad Decent.

New York band The Glass (DJs Glen Brady & Dominique Keegan) have quite an unsung history in the electronic music scene. Here's some top facts for you: Glen is an ex-DMC champ. Both guys are behind the infamous 'The Sound Of Young New York' mix compilation series that have championed artists like !!!, The DFA, Metro Area, The Rapture, MSTRKRFT and many more. Dominique along with Marcus Lambkin aka Shit Robot, set up Plant Music and the Plant Bar where James Murphy setup their sound system and played his very first DJ sets, and Luke Jenner (Lead Singer of The Rapture) worked behind the bar and his band hosted Monday Nights at the club. That was all new and very interesting to me and I'm sure James, and The Rapture owe a lot of their success to the place quoted as 'The Loudest Bar On Earth'. Anyway back to the present, where since 2003 both Glen and Dominique have been producing music as The Glass. A number of 12" releases and electric live shows played internationally prove the band have come a long way in just 3 years, and are continuing to work hard with a full band lineup and/or as DJs utilising synths and vocals at clubs and dance venues across the globe. Their latest single 'Come Alive' features a variation of remixes from Kasper Bjorke (Of Filur with Tomboy), NY Hip Hop legend turned electro producer Stretch Armstrong and French Disco Rockers Rinocerose. 'Come Alive' by The Glass is forthcoming on Four Music, and the band are now finishing the mixing on their debut album.

The Glass - 'Come Alive (Stretch Armstrong Remix)' //Four Music

Oh yeah, lastly.. Ive created an Electric Zoo MySpace because there seems to be one for everything else out there.. so why not one for this? If you want to add Electric Zoo as a friend simply visit here: www.myspace.com/electriczooblog
Blogger Daren McKelvey said...
this blog is ACE! thanks Ryan!

Blogger RJ said...
im just glad you enjoy it mate ;). RY

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