I Go By Many Names
Hope all readers had a great Christmas and New Years, and thanks loads for the feedback on the Electric Zoo Mixtape. Glad You Enjoyed.

Fellow fans of The Mighty Boosh may know that quote.. 'I go by many names...' by Julian Barrat's character Rudi Van DeSarzio. Ive been loving their new Live DVD over this Christmas and had quite a little surprise when I saw the guys mug printed on a Speaker Punks vinyl. Maybe it was a reference to Jimi Hendrix, and the characters influence.. but maybe (and its a long shot) it was a link to that quote and how it applies to the producer. Joshua Harvey definetly goes by many names, and now he's branched his Speaker Junk label off to another sub-label Speaker Punk. It seems this is an outlet for him and partner Trevor Loveys to put out some of their white label remixes. Great idea I say, as I just can't get enough of their productions. They slipped underneath my radar too, with the second release out way back in July. More info on the releases can be found here, and they were available at Juno & Phonica.

Goin by other names, we expect to see a lot more of Mr Harvey this year, with Voodoo Chilli getting a soon re-release on Dubsided, as Speaker Junk with a forth coming Dubsided release, and in his Count Of Monte Cristal make up with Sinden putting out a release on Dave Taylor's Counterfeet Imprint. Im not sure if this track is definetly on it, but The Count Of Monte Cristal & Sinden EP will be out this year on Counterfeet.

Anyone in London this weekend should definetly go and see this genius in action @ The Lock Tavern, Camden for BLOGGERS DELIGHT on the 14th. Herve himself will be DJing as well as the resident Skull Juice DJs and Casper C (Fluokids) from 3:30-11pm
Really wanted to go to this one.. huge fan of Herve, and would be great to finally meet Casper and the Skull Juice lads. but i can't get the time off work now.. and the train ticket prices have got even MORE! expensive this new year.

Back to some MP3 goodies, and I know Arctic Monkeys are a bit 2006... but this remix has only just found its way onto my computer. Their debut album was a sure music highlight of 2006 for many and recording trio Killahurtz have put on the Monkey's dancing shoes and thrown them on the dancefloor with this hot guitar driven track. Not sure where the hell this is available to buy, if it is at all.. but if I knew I would be advertising it!

Sticking with the indie sound now, and you probably know that Editors had a remix EP out on iTunes a few weeks back. Well it was only the US iTunes actually and this EP hasnt found its way to the UK store yet. Dont know why but edbanging producer SebastiAn did a remix of their single 'Camera'. I found it a little strange sounding at first.. but it really does grow on you. Editors' Remixes EP is out now on the US iTunes store, and hopefully soon here in the UK too.

Finally one of my favourite tracks from 2006 was Switch's remix of 'Bump' by Spank Rock. Well here's another remix by Mad Cap Texans Best Fwends. They used different samples to what Taylor used opting for the lead vocal and gameboy synths and it results in a totally unique remix, and shows even more talent from this crazy band. This track is available with the original and Switch remix on a limited 12" from Big Dada.

Blogger Tal said...
the speaker junks stuff is TRULY justified

great post as always

Blogger Unknown said...
As always superstuff!

RY your blog is f****n' cool, give an eye here..:) a blog from a myspace friend. Lots of goodies.

Happy 2007!

Blogger RJ said...
thanks guys.
nice link there too ;)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
you really shouldnt put these up mate, foxy lady is about to be re-released, and counterfeet havent put out ghetto bitches yet. these are both from really small labels that could do without losing sales to mp3 blogs. get them off

Anonymous Anonymous said...
oooh nice one on sinden remix!

Blogger keem said...
man great tracks as usual! nice to see u back ;)

Blogger Unknown said...
Thanks for the props mate, Sunday is going to be BIG! Knifehandchop is also making an appearance...

Can you re-up the Fixy Lady track please, or better, send it to casperclark@hotmail.com I don;t have an MP3 of it.

C x

Blogger RJ said...
After an email from Josh Harvey, who does support the blogging scene.. and wasnt being a twat about this.. i took the links down..
he doesnt mind the music being available to listen, but he would rather the quality of the files to be a lower 96-128kbps, so that people still buy the music.

REMEMBER: Support These Artists! Buy Their Records!

I might re-upload 96kbps versions in the next couple of days...

Blogger RJ said...
also.. turns out my theories on the use of Rudi were way off.. the reason was:

'rudi is on there because at that time when we were making all those tunes, almost exactly a year ago, after we'd finished in the studio we would get wasted and watch mighty boosh, again and again and again...for about 2 months....so naturally when we did Foxxy, rudi was at the forefront of our minds! and it looked hilarious when we photoshoped it.

Simple really... lol

Blogger RJ said...
Ive re-upped 96k version of the Speaker Punk & Count Of Monte Cristal tracks for those of you who want a listen. That's ok with Josh Harvey.