Touch That Switch
Never before have I held so much excitement over Robbie Williams. But like the previous vinyl release from his abysmal album 'Rudebox', that featured the invincible work of the Dewaele Brothers, there is yet another white label out with some world class remixes. I initially impulse-bought the record when I saw the Nightmoves Remix on the B Side, but it wasn't clearly marked that Switch had the spot on the A Side too (I thought it was just the original version), so I had yet another delight when I first played the record this Tuesday. This is a great vinyl altogether, with even the 'Darkhorse Dub' as track 3 being quite a good one. The original track of course was produced by Soul Mekanik who did quite a bit of production on his album, and I'm sure many of you remember it was originally featured on their album 'Eighty One' on Rip Records without Robbie ruining a perfectly decent song. But never mind, superheroes Nightmoves & Switch have brought some class back to it with some continuous great work from both artists. The Nightmoves mix is a rave-style stomper with chattering hats and squeaky scratches kind of reminding me of how Dave Taylor worked on Induceve's mighty 'Warehouse Shit' last year.
Mr Taylor's A side is also worth a glorified mention with a little less use of vocals and more focus on the fidget elements that he's championed. Switch is set to storm this year yet again with some incredibly ridiculous remixes. Look out for his remix of Freeform Five's 'No More Conversations' which is getting a 2007 re-release also with an updated re-edit from Mylo, where it's as if them samples were perfect for him to remix, and the outcome is just heart-pounding. Other mixes to listen out for are of Speaker Junk's 'Foxxy', and P Diddy & Christina Aquilera's 'Tell Me' and i know you're 'gonna like it.. gonna like it..' (Shit gag. sorry!). 'Never Touch That Switch' is available on a remix white 12" from Juno.

Some other international fidget stars with big plans for 2007 are Crookers (aka DJs Phra & Bot) who have already had a mention on the blog and deserve another one too i think. The Italians have a new 'Made In Italy EP' out next month on developing Fidget label On The Brink Records which also features a remix by Ex-Switch-Man now turned Speaker Junkie: Trevor Loveys. The 'Made In Italy EP' by Crookers is out through On The Brink Records in Feburary, check the On The Brink MySpace for some great samples.

Another guy who's building a growing pile of records in my room at the moment is Parisian man Surkin who's techy-electro I just love. I was relieved to finally get a copy of his 'Radio Fireworks' on vinyl this week, after missing it first time round, and with Juno, HTFR & Phonica sold out.. Arcade Mode saved the day. Such a great track from last year, and B Side 'Kiss N Fly' is just as good in my opinion and is even still in my chart this month. Anyways I expect more goodies from this guy this year with mixes lined up for of Para One, Goose, Boys Noize, Chromeo & DJ Mehdi still to come. Soon enough though we should see (hopefully, if its made the release) his remix of Klaxons' 'Golden Skans' hit the shelves along with the other awesome mixes by SebastiAn & Erol Alkan. Its a great addition to an unbeatable lineup of remixers, whereas Erol Alkan gives us a 'Ekstra Spektral' piano workout, SebastiAn hits us with a down tempo technical gem, and now Surkin has provided a mostly instrumental, guitar driven piece of electro. Second to look out for is his work on Relish's next release where he has remixed my favourite so far of Yuksek's tracks 'Composer'.
For more Surkin goodness you should have a look on the Institubes Blog where the boy has done a 20 minute minimix for our ears to have a listen at. Klaxons next single 'Golden Skans' with mixes from SebastiAn, Erol Alkan & Surkin (Not 100% sure if they are all gonna be on the releases though) is out at the end of this month through Polydor and is available to pre-order at HMV now, and Yuksek's next release with remixes from Surkin & Vicarious Bliss is forthcoming on Relish Records.

Last to come for me this week was of course the latest Kitsune installment. I'm becoming quite an avid Kitsune Kollecter these days and there seems to be nothing but staring, black and white faces covering my record shelves. This time its Boys Noize's turn for a debut release on France's finest and their single 'Feel Good (TV=OFF)' which comes bundled with a new edit by no stranger to the label Shinichi Osawa who's done yet another good edit adding more complex beats and looping sections to achieve great builds and drops. 'Feel Good (TV=OFF)' is out now on Kitsune and available to buy from Juno.

Blogger keem said...
I enjoyed the soulwax remix also for robbie. his new album produced by soul mekanik was meant to be a good piece of work. I personally dont like him but I enjoyed some remixes very much.
also. man.. surkin remixes and yuksek.. wooow!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
You delivered once again on the Switch/Surkin mixes... great taste, awesome blog... keep it up!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
wow wow wow thanks a million for the choons m8!!!

you've made my day

Blogger ruxkor said...
great post rjones, and really well-written..! :-) the surkin remixes rock and also the osawa edit of feel good..!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
bangin mixs man...dont stop, love ur work, its also good to see somebody who knows what there talkin bout too... peace

Blogger Sovietpanda said...
i like your blog, you post stuff that i often wouldn't find otherwise. and while i completely understand where you're coming from, i just want to say that the 128 kbps mp3s are a bit frustrating. anyways thanks for the tips

Blogger weleasewoger72 said...
loving the Boys Noize track. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
the surkin remixes are awesome.
thank you thank you thank you.
and my link isn't working for some reason! damn html.

keep up the posting.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
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