Start Something
So this is my latest thing then... the wise world of blogging. Makes you wonder whats gonna be next eh? But anyway back to this blog and what its about. After following some really great blogs over the past few months (Just check some of the links on the right), I thought I'd join into the community and create my own. A place where I can put out my opinions and thoughts, and show people interesting, new and future music from the bands, artists, DJs and producers that I love.

This is simply a post to welcome (any?) visitors here! and to introduce myself too I suppose. Im from a small town in Wales, UK, a town where good music has very little friends, and genres like Drum N Bass & Breaks rule the playground. Im not saying thats completely bad, as Im sure people who like this music really enjoy some of the nights around here, but I just wish the Night Life could be a little more diverse. Ive been Mixing for over 6 years now, starting off on PCDJ software, and in the last 2 years moved over to much prefered vinyl. I think Ive developed a very unique and personal taste in music over the past few years, and I often find it very hard to sum up what kind of music I like, because I like so much stuff. I guess you could say I have an eclectic taste in electronic music and Im sure you'll find out what I mean, as soon I start posting some stuff.

In the near future expect to see lots of varied posts covering the music Im liking at the moment, mixes from myself and maybe guests, charts, original bootlegs and remixes, vinyl and album reviews, videos, and just about anything else that interests me enought to share it with the world.