Owner Of A Lonely Chart
Top 10 Chart November 2006

01. THE RAPTURE - 'W.A.Y.U.H (Simian Mobile Disco Mix)' //Vertigo
02. SHITDISCO - 'I Know Kung Fu (James Ford Edit)' //Fierce Panda
03. BOYS NOIZE - 'Feel Good (TV=Off)' //Kitsune
04. I AM FINN - 'I Love You (Van She Tech Mix)' //Ugly Truth
05. EDITORS - 'Camera (SebastiAn Remix)' //Kitchenware
06. DATAROCK - 'Fa-Fa-Fa (Shakes Remix)' //Young Aspiring Proffessionals
07. KLAXONS - 'Atlantis To Interzone (Digitalism's Klix Klax R-R-Remix)' //Kitsune
08. ALEX GOPHER - 'Motorcycle (Wet Clutch Edit)' //Kitsune
09. APOSTLE OF HUSTLE FT. THE HUSKYS - '24 Robbers' //Paper Bag Records
10. MEKON FT. ROXANNE SHANTE - 'Yes Yes Y'all (Sinden Baile Funk Mix)' //Wall Of Sound
Blogger jamie acid girls said...
hey whats this sebastian remix of the editors all about?....and can you send it to us? :-/ pleeese

Blogger RJ said...
hello there. would love too... but it was sent to me by a good friend, who strictly told me not to share it at this moment as it is uneleased... so ive promised him i wouldnt share it... yet

as it goes though... it can sound a bit cheesey at first, the vocal kind of reminds me of The Smiths... Maybe a bit off the mark, but thats what pops into my head... though after a couple of full plays, with the whole Seb production, it really works, the vocal fits in and this track will definetly work in most clubs played out...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
man this top ten looks pretty much as if it was made by myself..have a lot in common really.
I totally agree in the first place with the rapture track .

Anonymous Anonymous said...
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