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Paul Epworth has got his finger in so many music pies these days. As a well respected and innovative music producer he's produced on albums by artists including The Futureheads, Bloc Party, The Rakes, Babyshambles, and more recently Muse and The Rapture. If thats not enough he's also a very talented remixer to boot, and under any of his pseudonyms he still knocks out quality sounds. As Epic Man, a pioneer producer on the Grindie scene (Grime/Indie) with artists like Kano and Plan B (Check out Fluokids blog or 679's MySpace to hear Sinden's new remix of 'More Is Enough'), and his masterly indie/electronic (Illectro perhaps???) remixes as Phones. That was enough for me, I was a dedicated fan at that, but to hear that some original singles and even albums are in the pipeline is quite literally music to my ears! Being more electronic, I do prefer the Phones stuff, and his remixes of Tom Vek, Wolf & Cub, U2 & The Rakes were defiently some of my music highlights of last year, but Im sure any more Epic Man productions will definetly be worth getting a hold of. Phones' first single 'Sharpen The Knives' with B Side 'Worryin' by will be released very soon on France's finest Kitsune, and 'More Is Enough' by Epic Man ft. Plan B is available to download over at 679's digital webstore.

Phones - 'Sharpen The Knives' //Kitsune
Wolf & Cub - 'A Thousand Cuts (Phones Slasher Remix)' //Dot Dash

Speaking of Kitsune, the previous release from Alex Gopher has been growing on me more and more too. Im sure many of you have heard it, and maybe played it to death already but ive bought it last week and have been listening to a lot of it recently. The frenchman gives us wet and dry edits on the 12" 'Motorcyle', giving Kitsune yet another fine release. Available to buy now at Juno and Phonica.

Put these death-trap motorcycles, sharp knives and slashers aside for now and I'll move onto something a little more pleasant and colourful (Oh no.. shit gags already). American Producer Jeff Samuel's remix of 'Colours' by Hot Chip is a lovely sounding peice of work, and it has elements and sounds that remind me of 'Safari' by Andre Kraml (excluding the vocals of course) and maybe little bits of the very minimal 12 minute long 'Bomberos' by Luciano. If you haven't heard either of these, then you'll just have to listen yourself, as im not quite sure how else to describe this sound, but to me its very pleasant and laidback. A double 12" LP 'Step' from Jeff Samuel is out this month on German imprint Trapez.

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