So, guess I better talk about some new music then, after all that's what everyone's come to expect from music blogs...

First up Im gonna mention the latest release on the mighty Dubsided label set up by none other than David Taylor (Switch/Solid Groove to name but a few names). This label was clearly set up to develop and promote the crazy cut-up sounds that Taylor and his friends have been producing over the last few years, a genre dubbed as 'Fidget House' and I can see where the name comes from, as im sure anyone who knows a Switch remix would too. Im a huge fan of this label, and every release (rare as they may be) never dissapoints me. Artists so far include Switch, Solid Groove, Induceve, Jesse Rose, new boy Herve and the latest release of DJ Fame. Fame (real name Amos Damon) is the labels first international signing to the label, and clearly brings some edgy new blood to the family with his 'Name it X' EP. I thought Id share the track 'When I Hear', a track sampling the 1983 Debbie Debb hit, yes it has a bit of cheese factor to it, but definetly sticks to the fidget guns. Available @ Juno & Phonica.

DJ Fame - 'When I Hear' //Dubsided

Sticking to the Fidget theme for now, new boy Joshua Harvey (Herve/Voodoo Chilli) has set up his own label Speaker Junk, which is also like minded with Dubsided releasing fresh fidget-esque releases. The latest release is a collaboration between Harvey himself and ex-Switch man Trevor Loveys. Harvey takes the A Side of course, under the name Voodoo Chilli with the massive track 'Look What You've Done To Me' (Do check Acid Girls' blog to hear this) a track probably made more famous by none other than Erol Alkan doing a Mustapha 3000 refix and adding beats and hats that take you straight back to the early nineties. Everybody looking for this, do not dispair, for this remix along with the original and others is soon to be re-released on Dubsided. The track Im posting is from the B Side, from Trevor Loveys, named 'Finger Jackin'. God only knows what the inspiration was for this track, a funk filled bass rising escapade. Available @ Juno & Phonica.

Trevor Loveys - 'Finger Jackin' //Speaker Junk

Shadow Dancer are two brothers that im proud to say have Welsh roots, or are living in Wales, I can't remember... anyway thats not the point. The point is, ive been getting really interested in these guys after chatting on myspace and listening to their music. Their production is very unique, a litte Oizo/SebastiAn/Kavinsky sounding to me, but very original using a setup including, and i quote "A Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga, Akai s900, a second-hand FX unit that may previously have set fire, an old compressor found in Cash Converter with half the dials missing...that kind of thing". They're churning out new music all the time and each track seems to have its own originality and clearly shows the groups' development. The new EP 'Dirtbox' is released this month and is available to download on Beatport. Other tracks also available on iTunes.

Shadow Dancer - 'Dirtbox' //The Other Cosmos

I love indie music, and I love it even more when it meets electronic genres. Everyone in the know has heard of The Rakes, if not for the indie alone on their 2005 album 'Capture/Release' then definetly by their amazing remixes by Phones and Filthy Dukes. More remixes are on their way on a 12" from Uncle Buck and Loving Hands (Tim Goldsworthy). Im pretty sure husky actor John Candy hasn't got into producing modern electronic music, but who knows? Ive never heard of this guy Uncle Buck before though. The B Side holds a name that I am familiar with though. Tim Goldsworthy 50% of DFA of course, and he certainly delievers the most exciting 50% of this vinyl. 'Open Book (Remixes)' is forthcoming on V2 records.

The Rakes - 'Binary Love (Tim Goldsworthy Loving Hands Remix)' //V2

Last of all comes the most unusual track of this post, a track I heard on Rob Da Bank's Radio show very early one morning (PS.. Its also on an episode of his Sunday Best Podcast which I recommend if you like all sorts of music). Its from a compilation album called 'See You On The Moon! Songs For Kids Of All Ages'. It features songs written in the style of children's songs by mainly Canadian indie artists such as Sufjan Stevens, Broken Social Scene, Junior Boys and even everybody's favourite Hot Chip. The track that stood out the most to me though was from Apostle Of Hustle, an original, unclassifiable quartet with many cultural influences. Eclectism at its best! 'See You On The Moon! Songs For Kids Of All Ages' is available to buy on Amazon & HMV.

Apostle Of Hustle Ft. The Huskies - '24 Robbers' //Paper Bag Records

Phew! Now that's a proper post! Hopefully you (whoever you are, if anyone is reading...) have now got a small taste of the music I like and the type of eclectic content that I will continue to post in the future.x
Blogger Acid Girls said...
off to a great start already! look forward to reading lots more.

Blogger Tal said...
man, great post!
really nice seeing you here... i knew that one day the virus will catch you too... to be honest, I was hoping it would... good luck with the blog, RY!

Blogger RJ said...
thanks for the support mates...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Great blog!!
thanks for that Loving Hand remix.

Blogger dalston shopper said...
excellent blog. I will link you to my blog and hopefully you keep poppin out the good stuff. I wish you lived near London cause I would have you down to dj at my night. Let me know if you are in town sometime.


Blogger RJ said...
thanks again..

@dalston shopper - ill be sure to link you right away, and check your blog too. and sometimes i wish i lived near london too!

Blogger Brian said...
Nice blog. I've been looking for that Loving Hand remix but it doesn't seem to work anymore. Any ideas of where to by and download the track?


Anonymous Anonymous said...
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